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    Name: Laria Castier
    Age: 20-ish
    Nationality: Andoran

    Appearance: Laria is best described as simply plain. She has long brown hair pulled back into a loose bun to keep it out of her way, and wears dresses of the high-necked Andoran style, usually in shades of green, her favorite color.
    Personality: Laria is somewhat of a loner. She lived among her books and manuscripts in the vast libraries of Caemlyn. She is generally uncomfortable around other people, especially those she does not know well. She has also been known to speak her mind in a rather matter-of-fact way when someone says something false. She simply loves the truth and cannot stand it when someone if falsely informed.

    Backround: Laria is the eldest of the two daughters of House Castier, a minor noble house of Caemlyn. House Castier was recently dismissed from the capital by the order of Gaebril (a.k.a Rahvin) along with all the other houses who were known to support Morgase. However, shortly after their departure to their country estate, Lord Rolnic Castier, Laria's father, died quite unexpectedly. It is unclear whether or not there was foul play involved.The entire family was devastated. Laria retreated to her books, but Laria's strong-willed younger sister, Arylin, took it hardest of all. She had always hated the life of a noble, and overwhelmed with grief, she ran away. The news almost killed Laria's mother, Lady Olenia. Believing that is was partly her fault that Arylin ran off, Laria set off to find her knowing that she had the best chance of tracing her, despite her lack of travel experience and her fears.

    Eventually, Laria traced Arylin to Illian, where she was preparing to take the oath as a Hunter of the Horn. Arylin refused to return, and Laria felt she had little choice but to take the Oath as well and follow. However, annoyed by Laria's presence, Arylin sneaked off with some other Hunters in the middle of the night. Laria believes they are headed toward the mountains in the west, and so she is off again, trying to find Arylin.