Knife/Dagger manuevers

Discussion in 'Historical Re-enactment' started by Gavaha, Nov 19, 2003.

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    Ok, I am going to tell you how to use 2 moves when going against someone with a knife/dagger....


    This starts out with a knife pointed at the neck a few inches away. Raise your hands in the "peace way" where your palms are facing towards the person. Then, at the same time, move your right foot back, your left hand towards the right horizontally, grasping the palm of the hand. Move the hand downwards in that direction, then back the other way farther to have them roll to the side.


    This starts out where the offender slashes at your neck. You would be in the "Peace way". Then, when it comes to the left towards your neck, move your right foot forward, both your hands to the left. Your rists will meet the attackers arm, your hands will be postioned in a fist, with the pinkies facing outward. Then your hands will come out of a fist, palms touching the attackers rist/arm. Then put your right hand down, your left will move the attackers hand toward your body, your right hand and your left now grasping the arm. Then move their arm back up(the other way, so in the beginning it starts at your left, now at your right) and you want it to go over you and you want to do a 180 degree turn. At that position, he will have his arm bent back, and you will force him down to the ground.

    Thats two manuevers.

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