King's Blade (Pilot Episode)

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Robb Stark or Jon Snow??

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  1. Matt Provencal

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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Matt Provencal and I am an actor/filmmaker based in New York City. I am a lover of ALL things Fantasy and Medieval, LOTR, GOT, Harry Potter, Eye of the World, Eragon, you name it. For the last year or so I have been working on a fantasy pilot (which I hope to be the first of a very long series) and I want to take this pilot to film festivals across the world, as well as have it get picked up by a network, any network. It doesn't matter.

    I am currently in pre-production for this pilot, I am in the funding and marketing phase, trying to grow the audience as well as raise funds. I created a profile here to not only try and fund raise and spread the word, but of course to to talk fantasy with my fellow fans!!

    If anyone is interested in giving this project a look (or even a donation), the GoFundMe link is posted below. (I am working on creating a trailer and more content in any way I can, but it has been difficult due to the current pandemic happening). I hope to hear from some of you guys soon! Stay safe!!

    Matt Provencal
    Actor/Writer- King's Blade

    King's Blade organized by Matt Provencal
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    Sorry bud . All the booty I gather in my various raids , thievery , murders , scams and other nefarious activities has to go towards PCP so I can continue the campaign of terror and balls -out craziness I bring to the weak and pitiful dogs who I share this hot , sandy fucking hellscape with .
    But . I you need sand , I got you covered .
    I can get a fuck-ton of sand .
    Or Jawa corpses , I always have plenty of those lying around .
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