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    Name: Kiana Sheridan
    Sex: Female
    Place of birth: A tiny island hidden within a dimension that can only be found if you've been there before.
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Assasin
    Race: A Neiko demon; part human part night-black cat.
    Description: At around 6' tall, Kiana can certainly stand out in a crowd. She wears a battered black berrette to cover the cat ears that protrude from under her hair. She is only seen wearing the color black; everything else disgusts her. She is very dark complected, generally looking as though she had been on a very long trip to the beach without wearing sunscreeen; even her hair is black.
    She is very slender and has bright gemstone gold eyes that tend to make those who are foolish enough to look her in the face dizzy and disoriented. She also has a long black tail that she can use to help her balance when sneaking into people's homes or offices.
    Weapons: A pair of twin silver daggers hidden up her sleeves; if no one is around to see she will also wear a sword with a golden topaz set in the hilt that exactly matches her eyes. She also has a pair of extremely long and sharp canine teeth that are useful for making any murders she commits look as though a vampire had done it; albeit a particularly violent one.
    Weaknesses: She cannot be touched by iron without extreme pain: also she is easily angered and prone to become overconfident.
    She hates the idea that anything could bother her morally, but she is still bothered by things like rape, mass murder, and killing without cause.
    Even though she is a killer herself, she often refuses jobs not grounded on good reason.
    Companions: Kiana is never seen anywhere without her black panther, Tiegra, whom she sometimes walks on a leash if she needs to be somewhere crowded. They get plenty of stares, but no one really comments to her much. She is also seen occasionally conversing with vampire friends Ayman (male) or Nyx (male), usually in a nightclub or coffeshop, somewhere where another few people dressed in black won't be noticeable. She also nurses a secret passion for Ayman, who sometimes joins her for an evening hunt.