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    I dunno what thi is for, but I like maing profiles, so what the hey? My chara's a bit of a composite of ToS, Suikoden, and stuff...

    Name: Karly Aurion

    Age: For most RPs it's 20, though depending on certain RPs, I change the age.

    Birthdate: Jan. 26 (Aquarius)

    Birthplace: Iselia, Sylvarant

    Race: Human/Angel (Has a Cruxis crystal)

    Height: 5'6 and a half

    Wheight: 125 lbs

    Hair: Auburn (but a bit more red than brown)

    Eyes: Green-blue. (Funny, both parents had brown eyes.)

    Weapon(s): A Katana, Amida-Yamato, as well as Angelic, Blinking, and Pale Gate Magic.

    Bio: Karly is the the last child (and only daughter) of Kratos and Anna Aurion. An infant during the attack by Kvar, she was hidden, but then found by her father, who took her and raised her in Derris-Kharlan. Growing up, she came upon a young girl who had suddenly appeared. The girl's name was Viki, and it seemed she was from another world. Not enjoying the strict lifestyle of Cruxis, she went with Viki to her world. When she had ended up in Viki's world, the teleportress was nowhere to be found. Karly wandered around, and eventually become one of Leknaat's aprentices, obtaining a Pale Gate rune. Some time after, Karly obtains a Blinking Rune, and using it, returned home.

    But not for long.

    After retuning, life was not that different from before she had left. Later on, she had found out Cruxis' true motive and became disgusted at the Organization. She left Derris-Kharlan and helped the Regeneration in her own little way. She decided to use her Blinking magic to help out other worlds, and left the newly-Regenerated Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.

    How's that?
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