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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Open your heart and open your soul
    Release the demons and show your self whole
    To find love you must want it and need it
    In your mind these lines are forever repeated

    I'm not looking for a one night stand
    Or just a fling at a concert behind the band
    Lust is for fools who cannot see
    I can spot them easily

    For every girl that see this
    The idea is possible and not just a fairy tale that lives in the abyss
    To trust someone with your whole heart
    Is rare and sets you and the world apart

    Do you and your mind see this with precision
    A possibility, question is are you open to this decision?
    Very few are lucky to fall and stay in love
    It is something few that are dreaming of

    Honestly I want to give my all to the girl that can say yes
    I'm a fool for love and romance I must confess
    Yet many fear of moving too fast or commitment
    Which frustrates me as the world is immature and irrelevant

    A hundred and ten percent is all I know
    As many wonder why I cant move on or let go
    So I try to take it slow
    Because the world does not know what I know

    I see potential as I look into her eyes
    Yet she is blind and does not realize
    Her past makes her think the same will happen again
    Well I'm not like the rest of the men

    As my family hails from Greece and Italy
    Determination and motivation few understand and see
    We life for glory and we live for peace
    It is our credo to fight until we have fallen to our knees

    So I live and make decisions with my heart and mind
    A rare feat most will not find
    I know what I want and need
    To truly get to know you must analyze the lines you read