Journey Into the Light

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    The halls were merely a blur to Ata, who was now racing along like a man with the hounds of hell at his heels. Door after door were flung open, echoing through the air like thunder as he rushed to Odynitr's chambers. His heart was pounding, and his insides were on fire, but time was of the essence, and once everyone had returned, his attention would be requested. He had to get his letter out now, it was his duty now to inform them...

    His footsteps ground to a halt before a door that stretched the length of the wall. The marble framework on the door depicted angels reading scrolls, parchments, books of all kinds. They were heavily symbolic of Odynitr himself, and an old myth that he took straight to heart...

    The door was strong but weightless, as he took the handle in his hand and tugged. It made no sound as it opened, swinging wide to reveal the room beyond it. Ata had been in this room many times in his life, but this time was different than all the others...back then, his master was around to tell him not to touch anything, to keep him busy with fancy little tricks, to point out interesting books for reading...

    His smell was all over the place. It was almost as if he was there himself, standing right behind Ata, staring over his shoulder. Keeping his mind on the matter at hand, Ata rushed to Odynitr's desk in the far back corner. The desk was of Odynitr's own design, created by arcana and shaped with white marble and onyx. He threw open the drawers, noting their contents as he rummaged through each one. In the third drawer, he found what he was looking for: a set of parchment, Odynitr's writing point, and the Wax Seal of the Emperor. Setting himself down, he focused his arcana into the writing point as he scratched out on the parchment, leaving the places in it's wake silver and shining:

    To the Emperor of Draedyng,

    My name is Atalisk Edenheart, sole apprentice to Master Odynitr Skywall of the Southwall Sanctuary. I write to you with a heavy heart, for things have taken a grim turn for the worse. The whole of Draedyng may be in mortal danger, and I fear I may be to blame. I cannot say much, as my time is limited, so I feel it is in our best interest to meet face to face. I will be at the sanctuary for a week more at best, should you choose to listen to my thoughts. My apologies in advance.

    Best regards,


    Replacing the writing point and extra parchment in their drawer, he sealed the letter and bolted from the room. He rushed back to the hospital wing, where he found Father Candorel and a few of the children from the dinner hall standing quietly, praying for his friends. Father turned to Ata as he rushed into the room:

    "Dear boy, have you been up all this time? What is going on with your friends?"

    He was tired of hiding things from him, he'd been nothing but supportive, and he deserved the truth;

    "I believe the psycho that attacked us the other day has found us, and is seeking to finish what he started with Silluin and I. I must apologize for this Father, but could you be so kind as to deliver this to the Emperor's messenger?"

    The man stared at Ata with a confused look on his face, but did not question him, taking the letter into his hand and bowing to him before he left. Finally finishing his task, Ata took a seat on the empty bed next to him, and passed out...
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    Artix forced himself up from the trunk of a nearby tree. He felt his joints snap and twist, but he contined to force his body up. A tightness in his chest set him back towards the ground, but Thorn's solid grip forced him back up. He nodded towards the man who had saved his life. He, has once saved Thorn's life, in a time that seemed like forever ago. It, in truth had been a mere amount of days and hours. But it seemed like, it seemed like...

    Artix felt himself falter again, but this time he helped himself by grabbing a low lying branch.


    "Yes Artix?"

    "I wonder...what it feels like to die...."

    "I cannot say...."

    "Nor can I Thorn."

    They continued through the outskirts of the forest following along the river, looking for a sign of either the Elf of the man. When none came, Artix collapased on the side of a tree.

    "As much as I'd like to continue, i'm afraid i cannot go on. Stay, or continue if you like. It matters not now."

    "I suppose. I think i might stay with you. I feel the night is coming."

    Artix was asleep in a matter of minutes, leaving Thorn to himself in the night.
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    There were noises from the sanctuary.
    Lora stopped dead, for a moment she was terrified.
    Had they already reached it? Did they kill innocent people in a bloody fury to find her?
    Then she calmed down, trying to think clear. It was not easy; her heart pounding blood- too much blood- to her brain, and for a moment she saw the world through a blood-read screen.
    Only once before had she been so terrified...

    Naturally they were not there. She had travelled fast, only slept three hours every night.
    She felt exhausted by the thought of it, but she knew a human being had no need for more to work optimally. Unfortunately, her followers also knew, and probably had horses... They could still be there, ahead of her...

    For a moment despair caught her, but then she understood.
    It was not them.
    They wouldn't have killed so many innocent, even amongst assassins there were honour and a certain sense of order...
    And if they would, they would take them out silently, one by one, not engaging in a battle, like the sounds she heard came from.
    That meant she, herself, had a problem.
    Before her were a (by the sound of it) bloody battle, and somewhere behind here were here ruthless followers.

    She would perhaps not survive a battle.
    And she certainly would not survive being encountered alone by five of the most skilled assassins still alive...

    She had half-decided to test her luck at the battle, when the sound suddenly died out.
    Only silence, and grim whispering could be heard from the sanctuary.
    She stopped again, thinking that, firstly, it was wrong to interrupt the people's sorrow, and, second, if she did, they might take her for an enemy...
    Still, she could defend herself against them, at least for a while, perhaps long enough to explain who she was, or rather, who she was not.
    There would be no such luxury with the assassins, so she decided to sneak down.
    Silently she again entered the darkness of the woods, to find a safe, shadowed path...


    Aerwïndur woke up. Pains woke with him.
    He sighed from pain, and shook lightly.
    He may be in intense, barely bareable pain, but through the vail of pain, he realised his most horrible wounds were gone- his shoulder was whole again.
    He looked around, seaching for other people.
    He was not dead. There were no pain after death, and all Rohirrim would eventually find afterlife on evergreen plains. And this room was not evergreen, neither plains...

    "...Is there... uhm... Is there anybody... here?"
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    So it was decided, once they finished all of the work that would surround finishing Atalisk's tasks Dravis was to help Silluin in finding Vaden's brother, and finding some closure in his final words. Dack wasn't going to be hard to find, unlike Vaden he wasn't one for secrecy most of the time. He could hide sure, but that wasn't Dack's style. He loved fighting, although he certainly liked to think he fought for a peaceful future. This mattered very little for now though, there were other things that needed considered.

    Vaden's body couldn't be buried in a common cemetery, the elf never would have stood for it if he had any say in the matter. At the same time they couldn't simply burn him here and now while there was so much else that still needed to be done. They still needed to find Aerwindur, along with getting everyone a bit more acquainted with each other. Most of them had been traveling with each other for a week and they were still almost total strangers.

    Finally there was the matter of the Grinners. Dravis had battled creatures of that sort before, but it was no easy task. They were going to need some improved method if they were going to fight them with any hope of success. Dravis took Vaden's body from Silluin, hefting his fallen friend over his shoulder, his body was far colder than it should have been for how recently he'd died. Dravis smirked, it seemed death had waited for Vaden Keeneyes. Dravis could only hope trouble waited for them to get things around.
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    For one moment she had touched the world, glimpsed it through clear eyes like parting clouds. Then it had gone so quickly and its memory lost in shadow.

    She was back in Gedia, a year after the war had ended. She had returned in secret with Adelas to see what had befallen the land they had both fought for. Unrest forced travellers away from the land and little news had come to them.

    When she first saw the pillars Jalynn wished they hadn’t returned.

    Long thin beams of wood, impossibly flimsy from a distance, reared from the ground, at jaunted angled mocking what had happened there. Moss and green scum fell from the beams in sheets, feeding of the detritus and dead flesh.

    Along the sides of the beams, thin blades were fixed into the wood like pins, occasionally bones and dead skin hung around them.

    This was the graveyard of the Dij’in, a message to the people from their oppressors. This was what befell traitors.

    Those among the Dij’in had followed the old warrior code, following the belief that their sword was their soul, and whose blood it spilled was a measure of their worth. In a mockery of these customs their enemies had staked each member of the order to the beams with their own sword through their own heart and left the bodies to rot and fall to pieces. Bones clung to the base of the beams, so many bones.

    “I’m not here” she whispered to herself, not knowing what she meant.

    Adelas had heard and smiled the way he did. “No.” So solemn for a man who always seemed to smile.

    She felt hot tears on her cheeks, and turned away blinking. “Let’s leave this place.”

    But he didn’t, he ran into the forest of beams, away from here, abandoning her.”

    “Wait” She cried, “You didn’t leave me here! Come back!”

    Running after him among the tall beams she searched haphazardly, slipping on soiled bones and filth. Eventually she found him standing beside the tallest of the pillars, facing her.

    “Come back with me” She begged. “Please.”

    Adelas opened his mouth to speak, but in that instant a blade slipped trough his throat and pinned him to the dead wood. He gasped like a fish, clawing as the shard of metal.

    She reached out to grab him but the blade begun moving, sliding up the beam, yanking Adelas away with it until all that was left was a cleft in the woods and a trail of blood.

    Distraught, Jalynn wept and clawed at the beam, at once trying to tear it down and climb it. But it was too slick with his blood to climb, too solid to destroy.

    As she hammed the wood with her cold fists, the world around her faded, the mud at her feet slipped. The rest of the world paled in comparison to this monument of death and hate, a wound in history and memory.


    Stale air and light, where was she?

    Her open eyes focused on the room around her, she was in a bed.

    At one she lurched up and regretted it, the dizziness disorientating her momentarily. Slipping her feet from beneath the covers she got up and at once fell. Her legs were in pain, slightly numb but working. They felt like they belonged to someone else.

    After a moment of trying to find her balance, Jalynn rummaged through the cupboards in the room, at last finding some clothes to don.

    Food had been left on the table by her bed. She pondered it for a moment, then grabbed the knife from beside the plate and slipped into the hallway.

    Dark stone corridors shadowed her flight through unknown halls, it was some time before she caught sight of anyone, some young man striding down a hallway in her direction.

    Reflex took hold and she dipped into the shadow of the nearest doorway waiting for him to near.

    Then she pounced, coming out behind him as he passed and slipping the knife to his throat, holding his neck in her other hand.

    “Where am I?” She rasped, not realising how weak she sounded.

    “Pardon?” the fool muttered.

    “What is this place?” She almost shouted

    “Draedyng, how is it you…”

    She cut him off. “Lead me to the exit” She didn’t know where she was, the last she had remembered was the thing, and then just flashed. She needed to get out, she needed to find Adelas.

    After some forcing at knifepoint the man briskly lead her through darkened halls, first into a basement, then into sewers, She had queried the route but the blubbering insistences were all she could manage before she told him to keep his tongue.

    After what seemed an hour she felt cool night air on her skin, stars above and the land below clouded in fog. She could hear water rushing nearby, a river? Waterfall? She remembered that from somewhere…..NO!

    “Leave” She muttered sadly and walked off into the dark not caring what the fool did.

    With bare feet she found her way onto a bridge and shambled off into the night, at midpoint she passed a woman and some creature who carried a body she did not recognise, at their feet was another one she did know, but the fire and hate was gone.

    The creature began to speak a question but Jalynn ignored it, pointing her knife to silence it. She slowly worked round to the other side of the pair, almost tripping on the husk of the demon and nearly screaming when she did.

    It tried to speak again, but she interrupted. “No! I have to go!” Tears ran down her face. “I have to…to” Words failed her and the ran off into the night.

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