John Carter of Mars

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    AICN interview with newly named director (the third to accept the role) Jon Favreau. Robert Rodriguez left due to his dispute on Sin City credits which resulted in him leaving the Directors Guild Association and as a result forfeited his contract on this film. Kenny Conran left on good terms citing other projects that had become more interesting. Favreau previously worked with Vince Vaughn on Made and Swingers.

    Under Conran the project had been titled Princess of Mars. The producers felt that under Conrans guidance the movie had drifted far from the main story as written by Burroughs. Favreau promises to bring the script more in line with the books. The script has not been finalized and no casting has been confirmed.

    I found that the books themselves, specifically the first one, is a perfect myth in the Joseph Campbell sense. All you have to do is maintain the integrity of that myth and you have a story that could sustain a great deal of special effects and a great deal of visual fireworks, but you have to maintain the integrity of what Burroughs tapped in to.

    The John Carter character is very archetypical and that's what was intriguing about this material is if you stand fast to what was there, you can have a lot of fun visually. I think that was ultimately the strength of the STAR WARS films, especially the first one, which stuck very close to the myth. Joseph Campbell himself even acknowledged that the STAR WARS story was right up there with world religions as far as how true it was to the mythological aspects of it.

    That's what's exciting. As a director, that gives you something to hang on to that could sustain you even past a single film. That's why LORD OF THE RINGS was so strong. Again, you had a mythology that you were depending on and were sticking close to.

    There are issues in the book that have to be solved. There are things that don't lend themselves perfectly plot-wise, but thematically it's very strong and very true and as long as you have that spine you can solve those problems.

    My instinct is going to be to take it maybe a different way than (how) most people would approach this. Most people would approach this as an epic. I would approach it as a very personal story. I would approach it as not the story of the book, but the story of the manuscripts within the book. Cut right to the story of John Carter and not take all that time framing it because that tends to make it a little more important and little bit more precious than it should be for general audiences. It may satisfy purists to use every page of the book, but my first instinct is to just make it about John Carter.

    To me, my whole in to this material is the Frazetta paintings. Much in the way that for the Conan movies, (John) Milius' in was the Frazetta paintings. That becomes the be all and end all. From there you have the (William) Stout drawings and you have the iterations that came visually that were inspired by the books.

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