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    Name: Tolandruth

    Nick Name: Called Tol by friends

    Age: 25 Years old

    Race: Human

    Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches

    Weight: 167 Pounds

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Light Gray

    Skin Color: Tanned from being out in the harsh sun all the time fighting and conquering enemies.

    Weapons: Carries a Dwarven Steel Saber with a cupped hilt at the end to protect the weilders hands from being injured. The Blade was a gift from Dwarves under attack by bandits in the montain, Tol and his companions came to the Dwarves aid and he recieved this as repayment for his dead. He also carries a small dagger used mostly incase of a bar brawl or when he loses his saber. Otherwise it stays in it's sheath.

    Other: Being Commander of the Northern Horde of Juramona's finest I ride a warhorse at the lead of the column. I also wear light chain-mail for better manuvering and fighting from horse back.

    Bio: He was a born fighter. Was reaised as a peasent and worked on a farm with his father. When a nearby fight was taken place he was captured and beaten because of what side of the civil war he was "on" even though the general population cared nothing for such wars. Angered by this he escaped his captors and joined another army and rised in the ranks of soldiers because of his feirce fighting against the enemies, the enimies that beat him and killed his family mercylessly during a war that was pointless.
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