Izuna - a short review and strong recommendation

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    Izuna Izuna Vol. 1: Kamigakushi - Comics by comiXology: Web UK
    Written by Bruno Letizia and Saverio Tenuta

    Art by Carlita Lupatelli

    Published by Humanoids

    A full series released in two volumes (first linked above).

    If the front page (linked above) doesn't already give you a hint as to what I'm going to compare this to then you've already missed out on a fantastic bit of cinema and I'd, in addition to Izuna, heartily recommend you to go see the film Princess Mononoke by Studio Ghibli.

    And that's where I'm going to compare Izuma to, because the artwork, the style and character designs all scream out that it was a strong inspiration. Even through to the depiction of darkness and light; the whole story oozes with the inspiration.

    And yet Izuma is no weak attempt at copycatting; its not trying to be anything but its own thing and in that it stands strong. For what is only two comics, only just around 100 pages, it packs in powerful story of change within a mythical world of Japan. The story is set within the same world as Saverio Tenuta's Legend of the Scarlet Blades (also published on Comixology); yet as one who has not read the source material I was not left lost. Izuna collects its story well within itself and stands strong on its own; indeed the artwork alone is worth the price and with the story its a fantastic package.

    If I were to be critical (and I fully admit I'm an "epic" fantasy fan and thus always eager for more) it would be that 100 page is too few and there's a bit of a time jump speed up between the two volumes, but nothing too extreme that the reader is left confused. I would honestly love more and often feel that the last issue of a series ends too fast for my liking.

    Izuma is something I feel is special and I really hope to see more set within this world and style of artwork.