It's beyond common knowledge

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    A striped tiger jumps on the screen and says frosty flakes are great
    Can it end hate and cause peace?, this is up to debate
    It taste so good they don't even offer a rebate
    I heard it is a wonderful experience to eat it in the empire state

    Never be late
    As it gets soggy quick, that is your fate
    Deliciousness in every single bite
    Is it on my grocery list?, it just might

    Every body knows, every body knows you eat this after check mate
    The cereal for winners best in a bowl not in a plate
    A song should be written for Tony and his flakes
    For it is a better option than my mothers pancakes

    If Tony was magically alive
    I would give him a high five
    Every thing he says is true
    He is huge in Peru

    I'm not sure you can buy it on e-bay
    Because few try to re-sell it anyway
    Not even a auctioneer
    Even he would shed a tear

    For girls and boys
    If you can handle the crunchy noise
    They prefer to eat the tasty goodness instead of playing their toys

    Every body knows , every body knows frosty flakes are great
    1 out of 10 rating it is impossible to rate
    11 all the way mate