It's All The Same...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    This boy here, the one who can't be tame,
    From middle-on-nowhere, thought he was lame,
    And though he may never rise to fame,
    Once you bump with him you'll never be the same,
    And even though he don't own nothing to his name,
    He'll chew up these other jokers who don't belong in the game,
    No he never bummed a ride on the car of a train,
    But he's stood in the middle of the street while it rained,
    Knows exactly what it means to endure the pain,
    This boy is on eagle's wings, f*ck the crane,
    Elegance is great, but power seems more sane,
    They call him Ray, two boys inside one brain,
    Real as it gets, the fake man's bane,
    Prince of Carolina, but he acts like the king,
    I don't know man, this spitting is just his thing,
    A celestial dynasty in his own right, call him Ming,
    Call him crazy, call him lazy, but maybe he can sing,
    No he don't float with grace, but he sure do sting,
    Right hooks from a no name southern boy nothing,
    He gave everything in the hope that he could get one thing,
    Love, but he got a broke heart, left in a sling,
    He'll take your head off anyway and leave it ringing,
    Lay down for the one, two, three in the ring,
    Or stand up and fight, so many dents and dings,
    Baby faced cat got a lion heart and twice the fangs,
    Roaming the pride lands, growing into his mane,
    He only wears one necklace, don't need no chains,
    Tyrants tremble at the thought of his reign,
    No titular titan titles, nah he just use his name,
    He talks the talk, but better believe he'll dome your brain,
    Autobot, Decepticon, transform to a mustang shooting out flames,
    He might throw stones but he'll never hide his hand,
    Won't eat the crap this world feeds him, he demands lamb,
    Kings, thugs, Crypts, and Bloods, they all bleed the same...
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