It Ain't a Poem...

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    Alright, since everybody's watching me, I'll tell you what time it is,
    Take the gloves off and pull out the card and give'm the biz,
    Might as well make it an official business meeting,
    Because I'm not getting younger and time is fleeting...

    When I was young stuck a fork in a light socket, it's no wonder,
    I hit them all like lightning, leave y'all rolling in your graves like thunder,
    Hair stood up and all black and crispy, don't blink you might just miss me...
    Don't make the mistake and think you might just diss me or you'll get turned to mince meat...

    Hit you with the hook, in one line, watch'm sink,
    I wrote this stuff in my sleep, I don't even have to think,
    This stuff it just comes naturally like I'm one with nature, really,
    So if you ain't down with that, I might lay you out cold and chilly...

    Cold like ice cream, but I when I scream, you scream,
    Keep telling yourself that it's just a bad dream,
    That it'll be over shortly and the bad white man will go away,
    Nah, now y'all know that I've always been here to stay...

    But I stay buzzing, like I had just enough to drink,
    If you ever had doubts in me now they're starting to shrink,
    Scratch that, they're gone and done for, yet,
    That's why you turned and are starting to run for it...

    See how fast your little ass can carry you,
    I just get tickled by jumping out and scaring you,
    Now is it just me are the walls closing in,
    The drains are clogged by all the decomposing skin...

    Wait, what, back to reality where I only pass,
    In and out, I can see it sort of, through foggy glass,
    What the rest of you bozos and clowns live day to day is worthless,
    If you're just milling about, riding the waves with no purpose...

    So God sent me to shake you like an earthquake,
    To expose you to what's real and what's fake,
    You can pull out your umbrella but it won't stop the rain,
    And you can run but you'll always remember the pain...

    Enough of the wordplay, let me make it clear that I'm here to stay,
    I'm the stay in the dark alleyway, graffiti on the walls telling you to pray,
    Read it fast, I might not be first but I sure ain't last,
    I ain't the sanest but at least I got balls and brass...