Introducing Rasciss the debut novel of Shane Porteous

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    On an ordinary day an ordinary man by the name of Hollowawk accomplished something truly extraordinary; he defied death and in doing so broke the laws set forth by Ganius the king of all gods. Now the King-god summons the 9 gods of war to a council of shadow to choose someone or something strong enough and skilled enough to defeat the man now known by some as the Red Immortal. But Hollowawk has a journey of his own to fulfill. He seeks out the power of the Hujikon mirror, an ancient and forbidden item that's power grants him the ability to forge fifteen versions of himself whose strength and skill is only surpassed by their loyalty. With these warriors by his side, the Red Immortal sets out to find Obuvik, the last of the great anti-gods, for it is he and he alone who can give the answer Hollowawk desperately desires. But in order to find Obuvik, Hollowawk and his companions must travel through a hellish desert known as the Endless Barren. For the band of warriors to even take step in such a place, items of legend must be acquired by any means necessary. However, they are not the only ones on a journey, for the gods of war have chosen their champion, a being whose ancient sins were so appalling and so horrifying that even the devil himself broke down and wept in shock.

    Rasciss is available from many online stores including:

    If Rasciss sounds like the kind of book you would read then please pick yourself up a copy and let me know what you thought about it!