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    The year is 3016 and humanity has successfully become one with the stars. Humans have ascended and colonized the Moon, Mars, and almost every other planet in their Solar System. Each of the inhabited planets were flourishing and none even came close to being fully populated. Outposts had been established through the solar system for operations such as mining from the Asteroid belts, observing and studying anomalies in space and researching the countless amount of debris that drifted in from the deeper parts of space. One of these such stations, overseeing a mining operation just past the Mars colonies, has recently gone silent. One day they were talking, the next, gone.

    “They’re still registered on the scanners but all communications have ceased. We think that it could be a blackout from a nearby Solar Storm, assuming that we miscalculated the size. Some are saying that the recent tensions regarding the political elections had reached a high and riots had broken out. That's your job, to find out what happened to them.”

    "Your tasks are simple. Observe, document, report. Repeat after me: Observe, document, report. Good. You're a mixed bunch, specifically chosen for your versatility so you should be able to overcome any issues faced. You will all be given the necessary training before you depart, and that training will be tailored to each one of you, dependent on your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You have been picked because I personally thought that you were the most suited to the task, though I had a glass of wine or two whilst I was looking through the documents, so we will see! Report to the front desk as a GROUP at 0600 tomorrow morning and the lovely Debbie will fill you in. I don't have to tell you how much is resting on your shoulders with this. Get some rest, and, uh, try not to feel the pressure."


    I have deliberately chosen to have a small introduction to this RP so that there is more of a free reign as to what can happen. Once all of the sign ups are in I will start the Roleplay at the front desk, and will play the part of Debbie, then jump into my own once the time is right.