Interest Check: The Land that Time Forgot

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    An American passenger and his Dog on a ship is sunk in the English Channel by a German Submarine, U-33, in 1916. He is rescued by a British tugboat with another survivor. The tug is also sunk, but its crew manages to capture the submarine when it surfaces. Unfortunately, all other British craft continue to regard the sub as an enemy, and they are unable to bring it to port. Sabotage to the navigation equipment sends the U-33 astray into the South Atlantic. The imprisoned German crew retakes the sub and begins a raiding cruise, destroying several ships, only to be overcome again by the British. A saboteur continues to guide the sub off course, and by the time he is found out they are in Antarctic waters.

    The U-33 is now low on fuel, with its provisions poisoned by the saboteur. A large island ringed by cliffs is encountered, and identified as Caprona, a land mass first reported by the (fictitious) Italian explorer Caproni in 1721 whose location was subsequently lost. A freshwater current guides the sub to a stream issuing from a subterranean passage, which is entered in the hope of replenishing the water supply. The craft surfaces into a tropical river teeming with primitive creatures extinct in the world beyond the cliffs. Two of the members of the party, a Mongolian and an Englishman have disembarked from the U-33 in search of safe food for the rest of the party to eat...

    This (In my eyes) has the potential to be very fun, and to let your minds run wild. It wont follow the book/movie/trilogy, so there is no need to have read or watched anything before. Anything goes on Caspak.

    1. No god-modding. Goes without saying, but here it is anyway. In other words, impeccable aim, dodging everything, and surviving things you really shouldn't are all banned.
    2. Common sense is needed, (Almost the same rule as the first)
    3. Swearing and detailed violence are allowed.
    4. No tennis balling (I post you post i post you post he posts i post etc
    5. No controlling other peoples characters
    6. If you feel something is missing, or something needs changing then just PM me
    7. You can die, so be careful. If you're stuck in a situation where there is no possible escape, your character will die.