Interest Check: Alice - All Grown Up

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    Nine years ago a horrific fire took Alice's family from her and left her mind horrifically scarred. Afterwards she was confined to Rutledge Asylum, where she struggled to confront her demons by slipping further into her fantasy world of Wonderland. Now, after nearly ten years, she has finally secured her release—yet she still bears the heavy psychological burden of that tragic event.
    With her mind in tatters, she is unable to resolve the fear prompted by her strange memories, dreams, and visions. Perhaps she'll do better in Wonderland. She always has. She used to travel there, seeking what the "real"; world couldn't provide: security, knowledge, and the truth. But in her absence, Wonderland too has suffered. Something has gone horribly wrong, and now a great evil is descending upon what once was her beautiful refuge. Can Alice save Wonderland --and herself-- from the madness that consumes them both?


    "My name is Alice and today is my 19th birthday. I've spent the last 9 birthdays here, given that I've been here since I was just 9 years old. There was a fire you see, a horiffic, terrible fire. It claimed my Ma, Pa and dearest sister, Lorina. I used to believe that the fire broke out because of me. Someone once told me that if I daydreamed too much then things would happen and I wouldn't be there, mentally of course, to notice. I was taken to an orphanage for a few weeks after the event, but it was no use. I didn't feel like playing with the other children, nor did I care for their talks about how I wouldnt get taken to a new home if I didn't put on a smile.

    They eventually gave up and brought me here to Rutledge Asylum, where I've been ever since. I've undergone various methods to try to "cure" me of the scars of what happened: Hypnotherapy, Shock Treatment, Physical abuse everytime I daydream, everything you can think of. Anywho, they think they have cured me, where I've simply learned to act, in an attempt to secure my freedom. After several months of pretending and lying, I've been given my freedom. Sent out into the world to find my new way in life, beginnning today..."

    Alice slumped further under the covers of her bed as she let the positive thoughts fade from her mind Who was she kidding? She wasn't a positive person, never had been, so why was she lying to herself now? Everything in her life had been taken from her, even her cat Dinah. Oh how she missed Dinah. With these thoughts starting to overwhelm her, she opened her mind and let herself fade into wonderland, the one place in the world where she felt safe. She could slip away in the real world and spend a lifetime in wonderland, without anytime passing whilst she was unconcious. Everytime she was here, however, she was given an offer from her good friend, the Hatter. "Why stay when you could go, but on the contrary, why go when you could stay? Theres fun to be had all round! Unless life is a square, in which case there is fun to be had all over!" She never understood how she could stay there, but figured that anything was possible.

    She slipped out of conciousness and appeared on the familiar grassy bank near the hedge. As per usual, Nivens the rabbit was waiting for her, tapping his pocket watch. She began the usual routine of following him towards the rabbit hole, barely big enough to contain her, and slipped inside...