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    Name: Monday

    Age: 14

    Height: 5'1"

    Weight: 97 lbs

    Race: Nobody knows...

    Appearance: Black, short, spiky hair; headphones; purple leather armor; Piercing blue eyes; pretty thin for a fourteen-year-old; Purple boots, cut off at the ankle.

    Abilities: Fast as... well, nothing, he's THAT fast. Has the Kisikokuri attack (a beam of light, darkness, and fire which can explode (note the fire)) and 1200 fangs (an attack which he hits a target 1200 times in a second or two.). Also has the Fire Dragon Beam (a beam of fire which takes the shape of a dragon.).

    Weapons: If there are any, they're top secret. nobody knows what weapons he might posess.

    History: Top Secret and currently under investigation. Nobody knows what happened, but all evidence points to a massacre.
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