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    Name: Dain Stonewright
    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 127

    Appearance: A stout dwarf with a long brown beard and eyes of stone. He is about 4 foot 7 inches and is normally ready for battle. He wields a battle axe of Mithril (an heirloom of his family), wears a mithril chain mail shirt underneath a blue velvet tunic. His legs are protected with pants of mail, made by the Dwarves of the Iron Hills. Over those are leather and blue velvet. He has a flowing cape of green wool. His helm is of iron, and is of normal dwarf design. Other than his battle axe, he carries a walking axe, and 2 throwing axes.

    Bio: He was born in the Iron hills and raised as a fighter. He often practiced with an axe his father made him, making him an expert in axe fighting as he grew older and wiser. When his father was killed in the battle of 5 armies, Dain decided to wonder middle earth. He followed unknown trails, and discovered many things. He is a master of battle and is a battle tank when it comes to war.

    Occupation: Dwarf of the Iron Hills. He serves Dain Ironfoot in times of war and often ventures to the Lonely Mountain when Bain needs service of other dwarves.

    Abilities: He is skilled with the battle axe, and can use a bow if needed, a rare skill for a dwarf. He is also very good with horses and rides one of his own, a black horse named Aule, after the creator of the Dwarves.