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    Another case of a beat,
    My ass is back in the hot seat,
    Cables hooked up to my skull and I'm waiting to fry,
    But you ought to know that a king can never really die...

    So pull that lever and light me up,
    My brain starts to tighten up,
    As amps and volts run through the gray matter,
    And I relive a past of adrenaline and blood splatter...

    But now I'm just juiced and rearing to go,
    Take off these straps, I'm about to blow,
    A flood of imagination and characterization,
    This lyrical style is no less than amazing...

    You say it's cliche, but there is no one who flows this free,
    No one who enjoys it this much to spit venom like me,
    I love to fry you little pricks, and dice up ignorance,
    Doesn't matter what you wanted, you get my two cents...

    And here we go again, just one more round,
    Because this crybaby wants to get clowned,
    Since he's unable to move on, eat my dust,
    I've moved on from someone who I can't trust...

    I'ma do it like never before, meaner and raw,
    But, first, I think I'ma need a cleaner saw,
    Because I'm having to knock of the rust,
    And precision is an absolute must...

    If I am to amputate the wicked,
    And eradicate the bigoted,
    Then maybe some proper equipment should be at hand,
    Before I unleash the beast and cleanse the king's land...

    Told you once and told you twice, don't rattle the cage,
    Apparently, "No hablo ingles" and I gave you a bit of rage,
    Now your ass is on fire and your hair is singed,
    I didn't take just a little, I went all out and binged...

    Stuffed it full till it was ready to pop and let it rip,
    I know a few people saw it and it made them flip,
    Hell, I even got a nice thumbs up,
    So, I'm asking you, what's up?

    What's good homie, bro, compadre?
    You wanna go round two with Ray?
    Didn't think so, next int line, to pay for their crimes,
    Maybe bash a bigoted, ignorant Greek in these rhymes?

    Nah, his Facist ass is roasted over a red, white, and blue flame,
    People look at what I do and they say it makes Tarzan look tame,
    Shredding, crushing, smashing little boys who think they're men,
    Serve three kids a day and I haven't even messed up my zen...

    Center of balance, maintained and true,
    Punish ya'll, once, twice, through and through,
    Here, let me take a moment to put in a personal note,
    Before I have someone else to be punched in the throat...

    "Dearest Ray, I think you're the man,
    Heck, you're dandy, naw, you're grand,
    You put a little extra fire into the planet,
    And make pebbles out hearts made of granite...

    Signed, ever most sincerely,
    Yours, true and dearly,
    RayCaptain, your single biggest fan,
    PS: Yeah, you are really the man!"

    To my admiring fans, don't be afraid to follow suit,
    Go forth with my teachings and bear many fruit,
    Pound out the dickbags of the world,
    And watch as douchebaggery is unfurled...

    Because I've taught you all well,
    To walk tall on the oh so lonely trail,
    And now, I leave you with advise that'll make you rich,
    If you're going to bash someone, do it, don't be a little bitch...