In Song and Silence

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    Late at night
    After many long trails
    We sit in the moonlight
    And tell our tales.

    Of winters past
    And summers gone,
    Of rivers fast
    And early dawn.

    The greatest storms,
    The epic war,
    And evil forms
    In ancient lore.

    It started off a normal day;
    Just a few clouds in the sky,
    But in the end there'll be hell to pay
    For those who made us die.

    The first stone broke
    Our city's walls.
    The second, they spoke,
    Killed children playing ball.

    Arrows of flame
    And torches too,
    They play their game;
    The water flows red, not blue.

    Pillage and burn,
    Burn and pillage,
    Now we all yearn
    For peace in our village.

    Because of mighty siegecraft,
    Our city’s gone and everything near it,
    But how were they so daft
    To think they could break our spirit?

    In song and silence
    Our story’s told
    We’ll be written hence
    In tales of old.

    A slight chill
    In the air
    Means gone the thrill
    Of summer fair.

    Oh, the snow
    In cold wind falling
    Ever we know
    The sound of wolves calling.

    In the eternal freeze,
    We have to think twice,
    And in the slightest breeze,
    Our blood turns to ice.

    We see a landscape white
    And many frozen streams.
    Although in this frozen night,
    No stars will ever gleam.

    But the winter unending
    Is finally broken.
    We think it a sending;
    From the gods - a token.

    In song and silence
    Our story’s told
    We’ll be written hence
    In tales of old.

    The lines advance
    With mounted knights
    The sword and lance
    In the morning light.

    We move across
    The barren plain
    To bloody loss-
    Eternal pain.

    On top of a hill
    Stand dark shadows
    But our soldiers still
    March in their sad rows.

    They race down
    To slay all of us.
    We fall to the ground
    And die in the dust.

    We soldiers each
    And every one,
    Will never reach
    The setting sun.

    In song and silence
    Our story’s told
    We’ll be written hence
    In tales of old.

    What once was dry
    As dust is wet
    We see the ocean rise
    And the fish escape our net.

    The water rushes on and on,
    Flooding village, city, town.
    Against this force we’re naught but pawns;
    The onlsaught wears the mountains down.

    We build a giant ship and
    Sail across the stormy seas.
    There is no sight of land
    So we pray down on our knees.

    That which rises must also fall
    Like the constant tide.
    Taking refuge on the summits tall,
    We lived but our friends died.

    In song and silence
    Our story’s told
    We’ll be written hence
    In tales of old.

    We sit around our fire
    Gazing at the sky,
    To sleep we must retire,
    And so we end with a sigh.

    Our tales spoke of glory
    And our fire still burns,
    But the page of our story
    Has yet to turn.​
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    Very good *thumbs up*. :) Must of been hard to find the rhyming words that fit into the context of the theme, but it works great!
  3. Lady_of_Shalott

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    I really like it too! The rhyme was great and I liked the theme!