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    I'm new to this forum, so I'm not exactly sure what the regulations are for this. But here's an excerpt of the first battle scene from the first novel for a high fantasy trilogy I am currently writing. It's pretty graphic, so there's your warning :p

    “I’m going to check on Ridden, I’ll be but a moment” Sanvord replied. Suddenly, there was a thin whistle through the air, and a dull thwack. A scream of pain followed as one of the archers fell from the watchtower, crashing into the ground. Sanvord’s eyes widened, drawing his sword with a feeling of perplexing excitement.

    Without warning, a spear came hurtling through the air, impaling one of the men at arms into the barrel he rested against. A blood-curdling scream followed as blood gushed from the wound. A large group of cavalrymen thundered through the village, their spears raised and their swords in the air ready to strike. Without hesitation, Sanvord gripped his sword and dashed for the nearest cavalryman. The mounted trooper turned to face his attacker, raising his spear as Sanvord darted past. He thrust his sword up with incredible reflexes, into the man’s torso, penetrating his body before emerging near his back. He let out a terrific cry of pain, as warm blood dripped along the sword’s blade. Just as quickly, Sanvord retracted the blade, and the lifeless body lost its balance, falling off of the horse, thudding into the ground. All around him, the dull whack of arrows impacting wood was prevalent, as Sanvord mounted the now rider-less horse.

    Behind him Jesid lunged at another cavalryman, knocking him clean off of his horse, before leaping on top of him, thrusting his own sword into the man’s unprotected throat. There was a horrific sound of disjointed gurgling as blood poured from his neck wound. Jesid twisted the sword, killing the soldier, before retracting his blade. Sanvord kicked his boot into the horse’s flank, and it began to gallop, racing toward the nearest cavalryman. The ground was littered with the bodies of dead soldiers from both sides; however the cavalry clearly had the upper hand over those on the ground. The archers above, on the rooftops and the one remaining watchman loosed their arrows at any targets of opportunity, the loose twang of the drawstrings being let loose, and the crash of swords against armour that sounded akin to braziers at work penetrating the still air. Sanvord’s horse charged for the nearest horseman, and he held out his sword with a tight, iron grip. As he thundered past his target, he swung the sword clean into the man’s neck. The blow cut deep into his neck, easily crunching through the bones, before emerging from the back. The cavalryman’s decapitated head fell to the ground, followed by its headless body.

    Under fire from the archers above, scurrying along the roof tops, the remaining cavalrymen dispersed. Grima, the lead knight of the group hurriedly turned his horse and began to gallop, as the remaining soldiers fled from the village square. One, unfortunate enough to have become dismounted attempted to run, until an archer saw his opportunity. He drew the drawstring on his longbow, before firing an arrow with tremendous power into his back. A muffled thwack followed, accompanied by a piercing scream as he fell to the ground. Sanvord ushered the horse on as he chased the fleeing Grima; he would not let him escape this time for this betrayal against the people. Grima turned his head, attempting to urge his horse faster, desperately trying to escape his pursuer. Sanvord gripped his sword with both hands, holding it high above his head as he closed in.
    “Is this the side you’ve chosen to support in this life?!” he yelled rhetorically.
    He slammed the sword down into Grima’s skull, cleaving his head in two as the sword embedded itself deep under the bone. Blood splattered across Sanvord’s clothing as he forcibly pulled the sword out of its rooted position.

    If you want more information, just ask, or visit the pages in my signature :)