I Have Seen Where It Grows...

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    And I have heard the voice that says "Hold fast,
    For a time will come when you are reunited at last",
    And I have seen where it grows, among fields of thorns,
    The corpses of a thousand devils, liberated of their horns,

    Blood splatters like so many beautiful rose petals,
    Roots buried deep in the earth among ore and metals,
    A hollow vessel, waiting to be filled and overflowing,
    What more is life than a state of never knowing...

    But, because I hold on until my knuckles are white,
    And the harder they pull, the harder that they bite,
    The more I want it and the tighter the grip gets,
    I will endure through the tides, through the blitz...

    A heart under siege, walls of love, not stones,
    I am the stronger, I am the longer, I fill it in my bones,
    Time cannot hold me, pain won't fold me,
    And I sure won't do what you've told me...

    A thousand battles I won, a thousand more to come,
    There's the line in the sand, now come get you some,
    Here comes the onslaught, the life I've always known,
    Here stands the king, now watch me defend my throne...

    Because the kingdom holds more than gold and jewels,
    Just like this world holds more than bigots and fools,
    You can't see past it until you're in the door,
    I got a taste and it just left me wanting more...

    It's the love, it's the hate, the pain of the bitter nights,
    It's the sex, it's the tears, the words we say in the fights,
    And among these fields of thorns and broken foes,
    I will sit and wait for you, yes, I have seen where it grows...