I have lost the sun

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Peace has left my soul
    As I spin out of control
    What was suppose to be
    And what is meant to be

    Is beyond what many eyes can see
    So I will never be free
    People have failed me
    People give up too easily

    What about the plans and the things you said?
    They are still spinning in my head
    This week has been hell on me
    I guess my world will be better eventually

    As I fight with in to keep my sanity
    Why life is this way? beats the heck out of me
    I cannot pray for a better day
    Because nothing that comes ever wishes to stay

    I am so isolated on my ship that is a thousand miles away
    In my own level of fantasy I am a castaway
    There is a difference between the colors of white, black and grey
    Where am I?, well I just refuse to say

    I'm tired of the expectations
    Dealing with the drama of family relations
    I see a world that should be
    A natural level of ecstasy

    Sadly it is beyond the reach of my hands
    As my ship drifts towards the desert sands
    I will dying having what I want but lacking what I need
    Those things are as simple and elementary as a plant from a seed

    May what I ingest take this all away
    Let me forget today and yesterday
    There is no need to think and say what I want to say
    Because I am on another planet and it must be that way

    Another thought enters and tears form
    My mind and heart work better than the norm
    As emotions run freely through my blood stream
    I'm not really here but I am but it feels like a constant dream