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    So far this is untitled, but here is the summary for those who are interested in reading it. The fic is basically a detailed telling of Lily and James' generation attending Hogwarts. I realize some details might not match up exactly, and have taken a bit of creative leeway. Anyways it starts in their 5th year, and recounts how Lily's friendship with Snape was broken, and how her dislike for James turned into love.

    Chapter 1:

    It was September again, and just like every September for the last 5 years, Lily Evans was making her way onto the train that would take her to Hogwarts. Her family had just left after several emotional hugs and well wishes, from all but Petunia who was sulking again. It seemed that every year around this time they got into silly little arguments for no reason. Lily had an inkling as to what caused it, but hadn’t wanted to bring it up. So she let Petunia sulk. When Petunia returned home that evening and found the letter waiting for her under her pillow, she knew everything would be forgiven.

    “Thank you Severus,” Lily turned to her Slytherin friend as he helped load her bag up into the overhead compartment. He took a step forward, as though hesitant about sitting with her, then thought better of it and pulled back.

    “I have to speak to Rodolphus.” He offered by way of explanation. Lily simply nodded and offered him a friendly smile. If he noticed the tight pull of her lips, and how the expression didn’t meet her eyes, he didn’t comment.

    He looked as though he was about to say something more, but loud footsteps and familiar raucous voices rose behind them. Sirius and James had arrived again, and as always garnered a flurry of attention from surrounding boys and girls alike. Their fellow Gryffindors stumbled over themselves to greet them.

    A sour look crossed Severus’ face before he smoothed it away. “Until later.” With a surprisingly formal bow, he withdrew and made his way down and out of this compartment. And just in time.

    “Lily.” Was his voice deeper than she remembered? She frowned as she stared up at James, who greeted her with the same sly look he wore every time he spoke to her. His hair was still the same, his eyes… but he’d grown taller in the short months he’d been away. Why was he always able to get everything perfect?

    Lily had been desperately hoping that the summer would afford her some extra inches too. She was painfully shorter than all the other girls, which some of them didn’t hesitate to point out. She didn’t appreciate being known as a “little thing” by the Gryffindor boys either, but ever since Sirius had brought it to their attention… She pushed it out of her mind.

    “Potter.” Her tone came out more angrily than she’d intended. She had wanted to start this year on the right foot, but with James leaning against her chair like that, wearing a smile that caused the surrounding girls to squeal, she couldn’t help it.

    “It’s good to see you again.” His dark eyes turned serious for a moment, and she almost believed him. Until he reached out to ruffle her hair. “Don’t want the year to be too boring.” She knocked his arm away and glared at him. He merely winked.

    Sirius, who up until now had been carelessly flirting with two Ravenclaws, turned his attention to her. Lily cringed.

    “Still such a short little thing!”

    “Still such an annoying scoundrel!” She countered, one of her eyebrows quirking up in mockery.

    “Oh, but her aim is true,” one of Sirius’ hands clung to his chest as though he was in pain, before he too ruffled her hair. “Mind if we sit with you?”

    “Actually I do.”

    Too late, Sirius had already slung his luggage onto the rack above her and took the seat in front of her. James followed a little more calmly, but still with that ever-present mischievous expression on his face. He chose the seat beside her.

    “That’s Amanda’s seat.”

    “Then there’s only one thing for it.”

    She didn’t want to know, she really, truly, didn’t-

    “You can sit on my lap and let her take your seat.”

    “Ugh!” James and Sirius shared the look, and Lily decided she’d had enough. She rose to leave and find another seat, only to nearly stumble into Remus, who’d been following behind more slowly and was now sheepishly struggling to place his luggage above them.

    He gave her a sympathetic glance before moving into the seat beside Sirius. Lily couldn’t protest any further as the aisle was packed with students struggling to find seats before the train left. As Amanda and Lauren passed by, their expressions reflected their disappointment. Even though the boys had offered her no choice, she still felt guilty.

    “Did you have a good summer?” Remus questioned timidly. The most docile of the group, as well as the easiest to deal with, Lily truly did enjoy his company. Though she wasn’t entirely pleased with the seating arrangements, she turned to him with a grateful look in her rich green eyes.

    “Yes it was nice.” And it really had been. After her stressful, busy fourth year at Hogwarts, it had been comforting to settle back into her old Muggle habits, relax at home with her family and do typical, day-to-day Muggle things. When had she started thinking of them as such? “I didn’t do anything special though. What about yours?”

    “Same old. They came to visit me though.”

    Lily had almost forgotten the two were there. As she turned to look at them, they appeared to share some sort of secret amusement over something. They turned to her when she glanced over.

    “Quite a mother he’s got,” Sirius playfully nudged Remus in the way he often did. “It was ‘dear Remus this, darling Remus that.” Remus blushed in response.

    “She was very sweet.” James added in, and a happy little smile cracked the corners of Remus’ lips.

    “Oh, no question about that. I’d like to introduce her my mother, she could certainly learn a thing or two.”

    Though he’d said it casually, Lily could detect the acid in Sirius’ words. Oddly, spending time with his friends had softened his feelings towards his family, though they still could only be described as bitter. She had only recently begun to understand why he always tried to be out of the house so much.

    The two continued recounting their summer experiences. James and Sirius, as usual, had met up and decided to travel into Europe for a bit. “Research”, or so they’d tried to call it, on the elusive dragons from the Scandinavian mountains. Whatever possessed them to want to get within 100 feet of a vicious, sharp and hungry, fire breathing creature she couldn’t imagine.

    They seemed to forget about her for a moment, and she pulled back to wonder at them. Saying that they hadn’t started out on the right foot was putting it lightly.

    She hadn’t appreciated the way they’d treated Severus back then, and she still didn’t appreciate it now. Yet for some reason, towards the end of their third year, they’d gone from incredibly annoying to only mildly annoying, and now all of a sudden she was a part of their ‘clique’. Without even asking to be. She was baffled. And she felt acutely conscious of the envious eyes of the other Gryffindor girls in their cabin at her back.

    “I still don’t see why she couldn’t pull out the thorns herself instead of trying to conjure such a nasty little elf,” Sirius finished and the three laughed heartily. Lily had zoned out and missed the topic of their conversation.

    “Looking forward to OWLs this year?” Remus questioned again, and the three of them began debating which subjects they’d chosen. Why had they sat beside her again?

    “What are you thinking of taking?” Sirius had spoken to her, she realized after a moment.

    “I’m not sure. Potions, definitely. Maybe Charms.”

    James rolled his eyes, and Sirius let out a grunt. “Potions? Why on earth would you choose that?”

    “I like it.” She frowned indignantly. “Why, what will you take?”

    “Oh, the essentials. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration.” He cringed. “Maybe I’ll have to take potions after all.”

    “Lily’s right, it’s not so bad.” James made a show of trying to speak up for her and failed. She rolled her eyes, and pulled away when his arm brushed against hers.

    He had begun to flirt with her since last spring. It alarmed her and she wasn’t sure how to respond to it. He couldn’t seriously be interested. He’d only just stopped calling her “Evans” and playing foolish pranks on her. Nothing harmful, but definitely frustrating. As was his change in personality.

    “What do you want to do after graduation?” She found herself asking the question before she could stop herself. And now that it was out, she was really curious about the answer. As a Muggle-born witch, she could only wonder at the potential careers for a wizard in today’s world.

    “You mean for a job?” She nodded. James turned thoughtful for a moment.

    “My dad wants me to take over the family business,” Remus offered.

    “Which is what?”

    “He works with the Ministry, helping with the Mystical Creatures Regulation and Protection Commission.”

    “Ah.” Keeping all manner of magical creatures hidden from Muggles and safe from poachers. Somehow it didn’t suit Remus. As academic as he was, she had a hard time imagining the gangly young man touring the countryside monitoring dangerous beasts. Her faze flickered to James and Sirius. Then again, maybe he was just the man for the job.

    “I’m not sure what I want to do.” Lily turned to the sound of James’ voice, wistful and hesitant at her ear. She looked over to find him looking pleasantly unsure.

    “No need to worry about that now anyways. We still have 3 years ahead of us.” Sirius reminded them.

    And with that, the conversation drifted to Quidditch and Lily was lost from that point. She turned to the back of the compartment to meet Amanda and Lauren’s worried glances. She pleaded with them, promising she would explain everything soon. They nodded, and sat back in their seats.

    As Lily turned back to face front, her eyes caught on the green, ripe countryside rolling past them through the windows, and wondered what her fifth year would bring. Something told her change was coming, though she wasn’t sure whether that was a good or bad thing. Ah well, she sighed. She would find out soon enough.

    Sure enough, Lauren and Amanda were waiting with expectant looks on their faces after the welcoming ceremony, as the three hadn’t left her side until the meal was finished. Severus huddled a couple of yards away. With friendly, teasing greetings the handsome trio parted ways, though James threw her a backward glance that made her yearn to slap him. Whatever had gotten into him these days, she didn't like it.

    Lauren and Amanda rushed up, asking countless questions about the trio, which she answered as best as she could. She knew Lauren had a desperate crush on Sirius, though she couldn’t understand exactly why. Severus hung back until she motioned him forwards. The two girls continued to chatter, oblivious to the Slytherin as they walked together.

    “You don’t have to do that, you know. You can come see me whenever you like.”

    “I didn’t want to interrupt.” But she hadn’t missed the satisfied gleam in his eyes.

    “I trust your friends are well.” Lily tried very hard not to emphasize the word ‘friends’. Severus got along with them, and she told herself that was all that mattered. As his fellow Slytherins stalked past however, shooting her cruel looks or ignoring her altogether, she swallowed hard.

    “Yes.” Severus was aware of her discomfort, and quickly changed the topic. “What did they want with you?” He sounded angry as he gestured to the trio that had kept her company.

    “You know, I really have no idea.”

    Severus continued to frown, but looked calmer at her response.

    “Why did they have to make the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses so far apart?” Lily trudged up the stairs grumpily, and Severus almost smiled at her frustration. The same thing every year, and it comforted him to see it.

    “I know my schedule already.” His mood had lightened all of a sudden, and Lily found it was contagious.

    “What? How?”

    “Narcissa.” Of course. The girl was nothing if not organized. Sometimes Lily wondered if she knew more about what was going on at Hogwarts than McGonagall did. “Anyways, it looks as though we’ll have potions together again this year.”

    “How do you know mine?”



    “I called in a favor she owed me.” So that explained her bitter look.

    “Well, that’s a relief. Don’t want to lose my study partner.” Which was a joke to them both, as Lily was the most gifted student in the class, second only to Severus himself.

    When Severus smiled, he lost the awkward, brooding teen look, and seemed so much more carefree. It warmed her heart to see him like that.

    “So when’s our first class?” She wrapped her elbow around his as they walked. Lauren and Amanda continued to chatter on ahead of them as they made their way to the Gryffindor hallway.

    “Wednesday unfortunately.” He looked truly pained. She tightened her arm in his in consolation, and he beamed.

    “It’s not so far off. Besides, I still need to get through the last of the summer revision.”

    They neared the Gryffindor hallway, where the students crowded around waiting to get into their rooms. Lily turned to him as Lauren and Amanda came to a stop behind the large mass of people.

    “Thank you for the walk.”

    “Anytime.” He replied, and he meant it. She gave his hand a fond squeeze, and wished him well on his way back to the Slytherin dormitory. “Until Wednesday.” And with that he retreated.

    “Still got your pet I see?” She hadn’t realized Sirius was standing behind her. She turned to find James beside him, perusing her with an unfathomable expression in his eyes.

    “Don’t talk about Severus like that.”

    “It’s just a tease.”

    “I don’t like it.” Her eyes had hardened. Sirius’ darkened momentarily in response before he gathered her closer, pulling her forward into the crowd where Remus held their place towards the front of the line. Several grumpy Gryffindors behind them protested, but soon quelled after the pair shot them warning glances.

    “What’s the hold up?” Lily struggled on her tiptoes, trying and failing to see over the crowd.

    “I could lift you up if you want to see better.” James whispered into her ear, and she turned around to thump him squarely on the chest. He wisely retreated.

    “The fat lady is throwing a tantrum, again.” Sirius reported. “There was a mix-up with the passwords by one of the prefects and now she’s crying that she isn’t appreciated.”

    Lauren had wormed her way up and now wrapped her arm around Lily’s, though she didn’t take her eyes off Sirius’ back.

    “How long do you think it will take?” Lauren cooed. Sirius didn’t even look back. “Looks like it’s done now, we can head upstairs.”

    And with that, the group filed into the common room with surprising speed. Everyone rushed up to their rooms, and with a surprisingly pleasant greeting from Remus and Sirius, they departed towards the men’s dormitory.

    James hung back, watching her with that same sly grin on his face. She hated that grin.

    “I’ve got to get going.” She explained, and started edging back.

    “Meet me outside the front gates later tonight.”

    “No.” Automatic response. Then she wondered. “Why?”

    “I want to show you something.”

    “I can’t sneak out. And Filch is watching you closer than ever now!”

    “You know you want to be alone with me.”

    “Ugh!” Another snort as she rolled her eyes and turned away.

    “Will you come?”

    “No. No, no and no.”

    He looked slightly disappointed, but recuperated quickly. “Pity, wasting such a rare opportunity.” And with another wink he was gone.

    “What happened to him?” Amanda sounded stunned. Lily felt the same way.

    “That’s a very good question.” When she turned to Amanda, she realized she’d been staring after him, and that her question had been referring to something completely different. Lily’s head tilted as she thought. James Potter had definitely changed a lot.
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    Nice work! I don't really like fanfics and I'm not a big HP-fan anymore, but this is good, and I'd like to read more if you have :D
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    Aww thank you, I'm glad you like it.

    And I have a lot lot more (maybe 14, 15 chapters? :p haven't counted)

    Here you go then:

    Chapter 2!

    Classes started up slowly as they often did, but Lily was happy with her schedule and Severus seemed to be taking this year more seriously than ever. He packed hours of extra study sessions for himself into all his free time, and though she wasn’t always happy about what he was studying, she admired his dedication.

    James had proven to be as equally dedicated, although regarding something completely different altogether. It seemed he spent every moment of his free time with her, either goading and teasing her, or generally playing around and being sociable. Which was irritating sometimes, and surprisingly enjoyable at others.

    Before she knew it, winter rolled around, and with it, the cold winds from the North blanketed the castle and grounds in thick, fluffy snow.

    It was an especially cold day today as Lily wrapped a bathrobe around herself and made her way to the showers. It was a Saturday, and she felt groggy after having pulled two all-nighters earlier in the week to complete a complicated essay on the uses of Wortroot powder in healing potions.

    She stumbled into the bathroom, acutely aware that she’d slept in too late and would now have to deal with the late morning rush. Luckily she found an empty stall and draped her towel over the door before entering and hanging the robe on the outside.

    As soon as the hot water hit her, her muscles relaxed and she savored the massaging pressure on her back and shoulders. After a moment spent enjoying the feeling on her skin, she reached for the shampoo and began lathering up her hair. Once she was done, she rinsed it out, moving more slowly than usual as she massaged her head under the running water.

    She was about to reach for the soap when the room was flooded with deafeningly high-pitched screams. She stopped the water, glancing out of the stall as several of the girls ran out in panic. Wrapping a towel around herself, Lily stepped out, and was shocked to find herself confronted with a Gnargly Scrabgobber. A towering creature, half plant half monster had somehow made its way into the bathroom through the window and was now violently tearing its way through the bathroom, flailing its giant leafy arms about.

    Lily didn’t waste another moment, not wanting to be subjected to its horrible stench, and followed the rest of the girls out of the bathroom. They stood there, frozen as they listened to the sounds of glass shattering as well as violent thuds and knocking from within.

    It grew louder in volume as it made its way through the bathroom, and the girls shrieked as they ran down the stairs. Lily had no choice but to follow, especially when a flailing green limb crept out from behind the door.

    How on earth had it gotten in there? Usually they were attracted to waste and fungus, none of which Lily was sure inhabited the bathroom. Her distressed classmates huddled in the common room, garbed in nothing but towels and robes, and Lily followed them down, trying to be the voice of reason. Luckily the room was relatively empty.

    “Let’s calm down, we can go back up there, get dressed, and find-”

    “I’m not going back up there until that thing’s gone!” A third year cried. Another girl from behind her moaned low. “One of those things bit my brother’s leg once, he was screaming for hours…”

    “Fine, I’ll go.” And she took a deep breath to steel herself before she turned around to face the stairs again.

    Unfortunately, it all left her in an embarrassed whoosh as she realized James, Sirius and Remus were sitting in the couches by the fire across the room. All but Remus were staring at her, and while Sirius’ expression was clearly appreciative, James looked as though he’d been hit by a bus. His mouth hung open vacantly.

    She couldn’t help the blush that rose to burn in her cheeks, but she turned away and walked towards the stairs, hoping she could hide from them and dreading facing the creature in the bathroom.

    She didn’t have her wand, she realized, and she didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere near the creature without one. Desperately, she looked over to the trio. James had gotten his expression under control, though he still looked rattled and, somehow, almost pained. And appeared to have trouble swallowing.

    Just get this over with, she thought. With another deep breath, she changed directions and crossed the floor towards them.

    Sirius greeted her with a smile, as though he was in on something with her, which puzzled her more. Remus had finally looked up, and was now struggling to look everywhere but at her. James, it seemed, was doing just the opposite. Although she couldn’t be sure, as she couldn’t meet his eyes.

    “May I borrow your wand, just for a quick moment?” She was looking at Sirius, who straightened and pasted a saddened look on his face. “Don’t have mine on me, sorry. James does though.”

    “I-ow!” Remus started, then grunted and jumped as though startled. He shot an angry glare at Sirius.

    It’s going to be over soon, then we’ll just forget it ever happened, forget that he ever saw me…. She tried to bolster herself, and finally looked up into James’ eyes. Once his caught hers, she was transfixed. For some reason, there was a vulnerability in his eyes that she’d never seen before. He looked lost, like he was struggling to surface from under raging waves that threatened to pull him under. It puzzled her, as he wasn’t the one standing wet and exposed wearing only a towel, and somehow it endeared her to him.

    “Potter. Can I borrow your wand. Please.” So she hadn’t asked it in the nicest way. She was proud that she’d kept her voice level and the blush in her cheeks minimal.

    “You want-I have-erhm…yes, anything.” He stood there for a moment, frozen and staring at her. After a minute she raised her eyebrows expectantly. Sirius nudged him in the elbow.

    “Oh, yes, you wanted…” He fumbled in the pocket of his robe before pulling out his wand. She let out a sharp “thanks” then took off as quickly as she could while still appearing as though she wasn’t running away. She didn’t see James fall into a chair and wipe a hand over his face, fixed in a desperate expression, or Sirius patting him on the back and making a comment that had him reddening fiercely.

    When she made it back up to the girls’ floor, she regretted her bravado. Though she’d read about Scrabgobbers, she’d never actually seen one in real life. She knew the theory behind beating it, but she wasn’t sure she could keep her wand steady enough.

    Just as she was wishing she could back out and get one of the boys to do it instead, McGonagall rushed up the stairs, steadying her and making sure she was alright before heading determinedly into the bathroom. A sharp poof and a nasty, decaying smell filled the air before she re-emerged triumphantly, although still looking a bit frustrated.

    “We are going to find out where that came from. Until then, I shall have to check with setting you girls up in a different bathroom.” Lily winced. These ones were already crowded as it was. Was it too much to hope they could restore them to normal by the end of the day?

    “In the meantime, I suggest you get dressed, and I will send up the others.”

    Lily nodded dumbly and made her way to the bedroom, resisting the urge to peek inside the destroyed bathroom. When she entered her room, she threw herself onto the bed with a groan. How on earth was she supposed to face James and Sirius after this?

    She decided everything would be ok if she crawled back under the covers and stayed there for the rest of the day. She rolled onto her side, pulling the sheets back when something hard dug into her ribs. James’ wand, she realized with a groan. She would have to return it to him. She let a hand fall over her face in despair.

    Though it had barely started, it was turning out to be a very long day indeed.

    “I think your earlier attire suited you much better.”

    By the time she caught up with James that afternoon, he was back to his usual self, which unfortunately meant he’d begun to goad her about the entire event. She debated throwing a curse or two at him with his wand, but as it hadn’t cooperated when she’d tried to charm a little plant pot in her dormitory earlier to try out a new trick she’d learned, she decided not to risk it.

    Instead, she settled for simply throwing it at him and hoping its impact on his hard head would break it.

    “Gotta love the feisty ones,” Sirius jeered at her playfully. Remus glared at him disapprovingly, but didn’t comment. James took it in stride and commented on her good arm.

    “Don’t you have Quidditch practice to go to?”

    Sirius huffed. “I think three hours this morning is plenty for one day, especially in this dreadful weather.”

    “You can’t ever get too much practice.” James retorted. It was a strange comment coming from one of the most gifted students in the year who complained whenever he had to open a book. Definitely a testament to his love of Quidditch.

    “Did they find out what happened? In the bathrooms I mean?” This from an anxious Remus.

    “Not yet.” She didn’t miss Sirius’ knowing expression, and turned on him as it dawned on her.

    “You did it.”

    He didn’t say anything.

    “Of course you did it. Who is it that likes to annoy the Gryffindor girls most? I should have known. How could you?”

    Her accusing glare knocked some of the wind out of his sails.

    “Well, it wasn’t supposed to be that big. And it was for a good cause.”

    “A good cause.” She repeated. Fury mounted in her as she recalled they’d been the only ones in the room at the time, conveniently lounging below the stairwell, as though they’d been waiting to watch the spectacle.

    Sirius shrugged. “It was worth it.”

    Lily turned to James. He didn’t deny it, didn’t even look the slightest bit repentant.

    “I’m sorry it inconvenienced you.” Remus stepped in. “But no one was hurt, we wouldn’t have let that happen.”

    She clenched her fists, pulling herself back from the brink of violence. Why was it that these three seemed to bring out the harpy in her? They merely watched her expectantly.

    “I understand.”

    “You do?” James looked relieved.

    “I do. Clearly, it was your intention to cause as much inconvenience and embarrassment as possible. Well, congratulations, you’ve done it again!”

    James was about to say something, but she held up her hand. His mouth fell shut automatically.

    “No. I am not speaking to any of you.” She eyed each one before adding for good measure: “Ever.”

    And with that, she turned her back on them and marched off.

    “They still haven’t found out who did it.” Lauren lamented as the three of them made their way down through the long hallways toward the first floor baths. They’d been told it would take a good two days to clean up the mess and ascertain the culprit, but after 3, it still wasn’t complete. So Lily, Amanda and Lauren clung together as they headed down the hallway garbed in thick robes, their arms piled with soap, towels and a change of clothing.

    “I just want to not have to come down here any more.” Amanda moaned. These hallways were cold, and there was an eerie draft that passed through the stalls of this old bathroom. It was right off the main hallway, so they couldn’t be discreet, and to top it all off, Moaning Myrtle had been ecstatic at the relocation and tried to visit any who entered there.

    They entered the room and deposited their change of clothes in little cubicles to the side of the stalls, then began preparing for the shower.

    “Has anyone asked you yet Lily?”

    “No, not yet. You?”

    The Yule Ball was due to take place in three weeks, and already gossip was rife about who was going with who. Lily didn’t really feel the excitement, as dancing had never been her thing.

    “Thomas Quigpin asked me, but I told him I was going with someone else. But Sirius hasn’t asked me yet.” Lauren replied petulantly.

    “Why don’t you ask him?”

    “I couldn’t! Oh Lily, can’t you just try talking to them, just for a moment, and put in a good word for me?”

    Since her declaration a week ago now, she’d steadfastly avoided or ignored all three troublemakers, and despite their strange behavior in an effort to get her to speak to them again, she hadn’t broken her word. There was no way she was going back on that now.

    “Sorry, you’ll have to find another way.”

    “Hmph.” Lauren sulked as she showered, and Amanda passed by, assessing Lily.

    “So none of them have tried to ask you?”

    “No, why would they? They only like to annoy me.”

    Amanda rolled her eyes and disappeared into her cubicle. Steam rose in the room around them as they washed.

    “Well, I’m going with Peter Thornton.”

    Lauren squealed over the shower.

    “Oh Amanda that’s wonderful! Did he ask you or did you ask him?”

    “He asked me, of course!” Amanda had made no secret of her crush on the Hufflepuff, but neither of the girls suspected he felt the same way. He was a friendly, genial boy, and though he’d always been kind to Amanda, he’d never shown any special preference towards her.

    “But now I don’t know what to wear. I didn’t bring any gowns that will suit him.”

    “We’ll find you something. Oh, and I have to find the perfect dress for Sirius!” Her voice took on that faraway air that signaled Lauren was in a world of her own. “Lily do you have a dress?”


    “I know! Let’s go to Hogsmeade then, next weekend, and shop together! It will be perfect!”

    “I already made plans for that weekend. Severus wanted me to help locate Wortroot for his latest concoction. I heard there’s a greenhouse not too far from the village center that grows them all year around.”

    Lauren snorted ungracefully.

    “Do you have someone you want to go with Lily?”

    Her thoughts drifted to Severus for a moment, and when she pictured him wearing a tux, she almost laughed out loud at the incongruity of the image.

    “No, not really.”


    They fell into silence as they completed their routine, then finished and headed upstairs.

    When they returned to the Gryffindor common room, it was crowded with students, all sitting around the wireless listening to a live Quidditch tournament commentary.

    Amanda, more of an enthusiast than the rest of the girls, moved forward to take a seat. Lily and Lauren veered away and up the stairs.


    That deep, familiar voice was starting to grate on her. She ignored James and began her climb up the stairs, but he blocked her way.

    “I know you’re not speaking to me, so I wanted you to have this.”

    He held out a piece of paper to her. She stared at it blankly, and after waiting expectantly, he tucked it in her hands and then moved out of the way.

    “Just read it. Please.”

    She wanted to throw it back at him, or tear it up, but that same alarming, vulnerable look was back in his eyes. She hated hurting anyone’s feelings. So she held onto it, but said nothing and continued up the stairs.

    Maybe it was an apology. After everything that had happened, all three of them, even Remus, had refused to apologize. She was willing to forgive them, if they only said sorry.

    “What do you think it says?”

    Lauren tried to contain her enthusiasm and failed miserably. Lily felt a sudden desire to open it in private, away from Lauren and anyone. But it was absurd. Lauren was one of her best friends.

    “Let’s see.”

    They sat on Lily’s bed, which was in the middle of the room, and she tore open the letter and scrolled through it before a laugh escaped her. Lauren tore it away and read it herself, then squealed.

    “He’s asked you to the ball!” She looked thrilled.

    “I’m not going with him.”

    “Why not?” Lauren sounded more disappointed than she should.

    “You know why not.”

    “But it’s James Potter!”


    “No! I mean, hrmph, what is wrong with you?”

    “What do you mean what is wrong with me? What is wrong with him! You saw what he did!”

    “Yes, he walked very gallantly up to you, and chose you out of all those girls fawning all over him, to take to the ball.”

    “Not that.”

    “What then?”

    “Nevermind. Anyways, aren’t you supposed to be on my side?”

    “I am on your side! I think he’d be very good for you. You two would look gorgeous together.” She beamed, and looked up at the ceiling as she visualized what Lily didn’t even want to contemplate. Lily had forgotten the terrible matchmaking passion that possessed her friend on occasion.

    “Don’t even think about that Lauren. Don’t even joke about it.”

    “Lily, tell me straight out that you don’t find him attractive and I promise that I won’t.”

    Lily’s shoulders drooped. She had never been able to lie very well, so she settled for something else.

    “I am not debating whether he’s handsome or not!”

    “I thought so.”

    Her tone became pleading. “Don’t you see how he is? I can’t stand him, so don’t even try to pull anything, or I’ll be very hurt.”

    Lauren softened.

    “If you’re sure, then I’ll abide by it.”

    Lily nodded gratefully.

    “But if you ever change your mind…”

    “I won’t.”

    “Of course.”

    Once Lily was sufficiently convinced that Lauren wouldn’t get up to anything, she pulled out a quill and parchment and began to draft a polite refusal letter in reply. She was proud of herself; once she finished and reread it. It was clear and concise, straight to the point.

    Satisfied, she folded it up and moved to the rest of her homework. The next time he sought her out, she’d give it to him, and until then, she put it out of her mind.

    Sure enough, James hovered around the common room on Monday morning before they headed off to Herbology. Lily chewed her lip to keep from smiling, and at his questioning gaze, pulled out the folded parchment. He looked elated and yet suspicious at the same time.

    She didn’t wait for him, and traipsed onwards with Lauren and Amanda at her heels, desperately wishing they would stop glancing back at him every 5 minutes.

    Hopefully now he’d leave her alone for good.

    “Still not speaking to us?” Sirius mused as he bent to sit down on a railing overlooking the lake. Remus stood beside him, looking out into the distance, and James, for the last 10 minutes, was staring at the parchment in his hands.

    “Still not.”

    “Opened it yet?”


    James pulled his gaze away and turned up to the sky.

    “Well, if she says no, I can always ask that Marigold girl.” He tried to act casual but Sirius knew better. He reached for the letter.

    “Stop it!”

    “So open it then.”

    “I will!”

    He tore it open, then perused its contents. From the angle he was sitting at, Sirius couldn’t see the letter, and James’ face had frozen into that neutral expression he got when he was trying very hard to hide something.

    “What does it say?”

    James frowned. “It says no.”

    “What else?”

    James handed the letter to him, which read:

    No, thank you.


    “Why don’t you just apologize?” Remus joined in. “It wasn’t nice to upset her this much.”

    James glared at him. That had not been his intention. In the past, they’d done countless other things, and though she’d yelled at them before, she hadn’t ever given them the silent treatment.

    “You have to do something.” Remus maintained.

    “You’re right.” James looked angry now. “I’ll fix this.”


    “I’ll get her to talk to me.” The smile he pulled caused Sirius to perk up. Things were going to get even more entertaining.

    “Whatever you’re thinking is a very bad idea.” Remus wrung his hands together nervously. He knew that look. Unfortunately, he also knew that once he saw that look, nothing would deter James from his course.
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    Well, still impressed. I like the dialogues you know, I'm trying to learn have to make them interesting myself and you've quite succeeded :)