How weapons would be in 21st century If all guns were muzzleloaders?

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    ( I decided to move this thread from History reaching to sometig more logical )

    Sorry for the poor casualty guys, I’m not English or American, I hope that I'm not pouting this website. I also have notion that I'm hilly probably righting an mess.:confused:

    Yes, I'm talking about an pure fantasy alternate history like scenario wen primers never were invented, because somehow chemicals are less technologically advance, but teres still exist electricity, the same knowledge abut almost everything until 2018. Since, again, chemicals are less technologically advance, probably is impossible to refine crud oil , meaning that there's is no any kind of plastic ( correct me if I'm wrong). Since any kind of gun won't have any part made of plastic and theirs no need to have manageable recoil , since we are talking abut muzellowders, there’s an long brake between shots, even if we are talking about revolving pistols (, like the Peperbox Gun), will take more time and strength to pull back the hammer on this type of gun than on an modern single action revolver. I imagine that guns wold have modern wood stocks (made of an bigger variety of woods than on the past as we know, being that beter or fancier wood's would be used on more expensive guns made of better materials ) and wold be made of modern galvanized steel, inox on beter casualty guns or titanium in an really small number of premium guns, almost all them having only one barrel and only having capacity for one shoot. Would exist an massively smaller number of ornamented guns than on the past (, becoes of the more modern looking and different mentality). Allow, in the case of an some two handed guns (, like rifles, ) there's the possibility of putting an modern sniper scope for expel (, no Red Dot's or something similar). Obviously all this guns would have obligatorily decently rifled barrel's or even advance rifling I some inox guns and all titanium guns, whit exception to shotgun like weapons/blunderbusses and poorly made guns, and the user could be an flintlock or something that have an electrical mechanism that consumes electricity to ignite the black-powder with an small spark ( inside the gun, the same way gasoline cars ignite gasoline)(, al others ignition mechanisms that I know are obsolete).

    An gun whit an electrical mechanism would have more readability since the ignition mechanism isn't exposed to moisture for example, and the reloading would be a bit faster, since there's no need to poor noting in the Pan (, because terse is no Pan, ) and pol the hammer ( ,the same thing whit the Pan ), all this at the price of replacing the battery when is need (, probably an primitive one ), and some disadvantages that i don't know , and since nobody (, including me, ) didn't build noting similar, I think that this is an relay bad idea.

    Also any body cold chose between an reliable one shoot pistol, or an revolving multi-shot pistol (in both flintlock and electrical), because if both genders of pistol is made at an industrial scale, the price difference in general between to gender's will be relatively small. Mealy weapons would steal be used as weapon like in the past and produced at bigger numbers than in this days. The same thing whit bows like the recurved bow or the compound bow (, not any kind of longbow because bows cant do near as close of the damage of guns, ) But there thin's that i dont know, like watt type of ammo would be used: an minié ball made of lead, or made of galvanized steel, an fantasy paper cartridge similar to an one for percussions revolvers, but bigger (, at the size of an paper cartridge for smoothbore muskets) and whit an minié ball made of galvanized steel. Now something that isn't on the realm of small arms: wold be possible to make anything similar to flank canons, or would be more practical canons and mortars made of galvanized steel? Is this concept interesting, or is it bizarre garbage? Tho this even do any sense? Is this at least a bit original. I tink that is just bad, because I'm a bit intrested in this thematic ( obviously ), but i don't know any similar concept ever applied on fantasy, maybe because any of this weapons aren’t practical. I know that exist´s modern rifle or pistol like muzzleloader's by the way, but I'm speaking in for example, abut flintlock version's of that in terms of simplicity.
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