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Which list do you prefer?

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  1. I prefer Crusader's list.

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  2. I prefer Liadan's list.

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    Please do not use this thread for idle chit-chat - that's what the OOC thread is for. Crusader and I both posted proposed lists of numbers of men for each House. Vote for whichever in the next week, and I'll go with whichever.

    My list is based mostly on trying to make this fair for everyone.
    Lannister: 20,000 of their own men. Will be able to raise five thousand sellswords.
    Tyrell: 35,000. The Tyrell host is the largest in the books.
    Stark: 25,000 men. (Frankly, I think the Starks should have more - their kingdom IS the largest - but I do want to keep this fair.)
    Tully: 20,000
    Arryn: 20,000
    Targaryen: 10,000 (Dragonstone is a VERY small, if I remember correctly.)
    Martell: 15,000 (Dorne isn't known for its vast number of men.)
    Greyjoy: 10,000. Over half of their strength is sea-based, so... not too many land troops.
    Baratheon: 15,000 (not entirely sure on this one.)

    Crusader's is based on accuracy.

    5,500 horse, 5,500 archers and 11,000 foot soldiers in the vale

    40 ships at gulltown.

    1,500 horse, 1,500 archers and 3,000 foot soldiers
    5000 men at King's landing PLEASE VERIFY WHAT THIS HOST CONSISTS OF

    50 ships at King's Landing

    100 ships at dragonstone

    Storms End: 8,000 horse, 8,000 archers and 16,000 foot soldiers
    All at storms end, no moves made.

    60 ships at storms end

    3,000 horse, 5,000 archers and 10,000 foot soldiers at casterly rock.
    1000 horse, 2000 foot and 2000 archers at Riverrun
    6000 horse, 6000 foot and 3000 archers at King's Landing

    2000 foot south by sea on board 30 ships

    40 ships at lannisport

    8,000 horse, 7,500 archers and 16,000 foot soldiers at winterfell
    Several hundred archers at moat callin (guessing 500)
    3000 troops heding for vale (these still going?) PLEASE VERIFY WHAT THIS HOST CONSISTS OF

    2000 troops on the east coast heading south by sea PLEASE VERIFY WHAT THIS HOST CONSISTS OF aboard 10 ships

    50 ships at white harbour

    Martell: 7,500 horse, 7,500 archers and 15,000 foot soldiers, all at sunspear

    50 ships at sunspear

    5,500 horse, 5,500 archers and 11,000 foot soldiers at riverrun (minus 1000)
    1000 heading towards Kings Landing PLEASE VERIFY WHAT THIS HOST CONSISTS OF

    10 riverships.

    11,250 horse, 11,250 archers and 22,500 foot soldiers at highgarden
    2500 heading towards King's Landing PLEASE VERIFY WHAT THIS HOST CONSISTS OF, also it lists 500 sellswords, can we leave them out untill we sort out some economy system for proportion of sellswords available?

    100 ships at ? (Oldtown?)

    4,000 horse, 4000 archers and 8000 horse at pyke.
    200 ships at pyke