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    In the World, Not of the World
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    They tell me of a land called hurt,
    A place your knees never leave the dirt,
    They say there's a place called pain,
    Where you lose everything and never gain...

    What do you know about breaking?
    When all your emotion ever was faking,
    As I grip a microphone to my lips,
    Grit my teeth, these words slip...

    My chains are heavy, but listen to what I'm telling,
    You're wanting to buy something I ain't selling,
    I know I'm loud, that I stomp and shout,
    Sometimes I even brood, simmer, and pout...

    If it makes me less of a man,
    Why not step up and lend me a hand,
    I could really use a shoulder sometimes,
    It sours to anger, flows into cracks and rhymes...

    I burn, crackle, and cook, my core is charred black,
    Not evil, not cruel, but what I hold is hardly intact,
    So I'ma take my own advice and rip out the stitches,
    Boy to man is such a better story than rags to riches...

    Break, tear, rip away from the ground I'm rooted in,
    Find my solid ground and give these legs a spin,
    Cut me and watch the fire flow because that's how I roll,
    I'll always be the sole one to know my soul and no it ain't sold...

    My heart don't belong to me, it's in the hands of a Saint,
    But I still got heart, and was never one to be held in restraint,
    Spitfire, Hellcat, MIGs coming in too hot to handle,
    I'm about to pop off like a July fourth Roman candle...

    But if I'm a candle, burn me at both ends,
    Twice as bright, twice as fast, then I ascend,
    What's the point of even burning if you don't get seen?
    I like to think it's life lessons, but maybe it's in my genes...

    Why do I cook under the collar, act so 'raw and gritty',
    What I give is tough love, what they need, not pity,
    When you're living in a world so cold, let my heat warm you,
    But if you get too close, you might get burned I must warn you...

    White-hot, White Noize, talking to myself from time-to-time,
    If you cut me, I'll cut you, filling the cracks again with anger and rhyme,
    So here I stand, broken shackles and all,
    And my wrists never bled once to get so tall...

    I never drank myself into a stupor,
    Never snorted some blow to feel super,
    I'm not into breaking hearts, but have busted a few heads,
    Yes, I have loved, yes, I have fought, yes, I have bled...

    It's my own little tri-polar utopia, mind like a triangle,
    The love, the hate, the crazy, do you really wanna tangle?
    Because I will leave you paralyzed, dumbstruck,
    I'm too hotheaded, but too young to give a...

    So please, move aside or get shoved out of the way,
    Because I want my crown back, I'll be here to stay,
    Let me put down the microphone and sit atop the throne again,
    Turns out I'll be reigning king of this little world of pain...

    No, I won't be coming back just yet,
    This is merely just a simple threat,
    No, a promise, that if you don't straighten up the three-in-one will be back,
    On the offensive, in the know, on the real, and certainly on the attack...

    Seek and destroy, gnawing at your heels,
    Ten time the rage with only half the feels,
    Do me a favor though, before I the door,
    Once on the chin, so hard I hit the floor...