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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Once again im on the fly
    Not a usual guy, has an eye for hair dye
    Someone who is not perv, not a sicko or jerk
    When i arrive i come to work

    I dont care about the gangsters, or the pimps
    In the end they are a bunch of wimps
    Not concerned about the bling bling
    Becuase those guys cant really sing

    You think i care about truth or dare
    That is not considered a scare
    Not even a roller coaster ride at a local fair
    I like the weather and the tree's

    Like tasting honey from the bee's
    Flowers are awsome so are cherries
    I like the taste of natural strawberries
    Food is great, i cant wait if i am a fish that is the bait

    Cant complain i am insane, i once visited Maine
    I dont care about how people dress
    Half of them look like a freaken mess
    I dont wear a tie or suite, can i get a woot?

    May look serious and a hint of curious
    Never call me a geek, i will put super glue in your seat
    That would be a hilarious feat
    I dont care if i am unaware of who wears underwear

    Too many near death incidents to cause a scare
    Not too many silly songs to blare
    Back to the basics back to the fun
    I have to jump back in the sun

    Sun-burn ouch i have been red
    You know it's true know it has been said
    I have been hit too many times in the head
    By a ball or a fall or falling in the gym

    We all know im too silly to know how to swim
    Water is to be drank not float
    You better get a boat, im not going in
    Well i might since people are in sight

    I still have no clue how to fly a kite
    Plastic and wood fly it should
    But it was going down like a ball that is round
    This is not cool, i feel like a fool