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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Pavlovic89, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Hello all!!! I have registered here because I'm grate fun of Lord of the rings and everything which is going with it! ;-) But, I need some help. I need translation of some words because I'm not sure about them...
    Here they are, and I will put translation which I found, and let somebody help me if something is wrong with translation.

    Health - MALE ( + it has / on A and two .. on E)
    Strength - POLDORE ( + it has two .. on E)
    Power - TURE ( + it has / on U and two .. on E)
    Love - MELME ( + it has two .. on last E)
    Freedom - FAIRIE ( + it has two .. on E)
    Wisdom - INCANUS ( + it has / on A)

    Maby this is correct translation, but I want to be sure about it. And off course, I need help about writing of those words. I cannot find rule about writing those things above letter ( / and two ..) That is all.
    Thanks to anyone who help me!!!