He-Man Movie?

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    From Ain't It Cool News:

    Hi there, 'Work Wanted Burbank' here from The Hollywood News.

    Just had an email from a scooper that claims that his 'friend' has so-called inside information on the proposed He-Man film that's in development over at Fox. 'Work Wanted Burbank' spills the beans...

    I checked in with a buddy over at Fox2000 in terms of whether there would be any chance of auditioning for the film - especially the lead. Seems Lion Rock Productions and the studio aren't going to be going down that route, instead they'll be merely 'making offers'. Another dead end for unknown actors like myself, Bottom Line : They're looking for a 'name' for both He-Man and Skeletor, which is understandable I guess.

    Here's a few names that are apparently mooted for the He-Man part - no real surprises. The Rock (believed to have already met), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Ryan Kwanten (Summerland), Paul Michael Levesque.

    No word on Skeltor, but those rumors about Nicolas Cage were false apparently.