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    Inspired by the Moloch of Totalitarianism

    Alt Title: Ode to the Totalitarian...

    Hate, you f*cking revel in it,
    Look in your heart, I see the Devil in it,
    Rotten to the core, something I do abhor,
    What'cha gonna do now the wolf's outside your door..

    Hate breed, hate me, I hate these hate fiends,
    Day dream, days passed, hazy brain, get cleaned,
    On your knees, on your life, where you live, all your life,
    No more guilt, no more mercy, finish you with this knife...

    Bleed you out, see right through, all your evil ways,
    Step to me, walk the line, stare right into my gaze,
    Hate breed, dying breed, your filth is all you need,
    Up to us, weed them out, and kill the seed...

    Burn it all, down to ash, to the wind, make them pay,
    In my world, I'm the king, if you stay, you will obey,
    Beating drums, sound the horns, sharpen spears,
    Stamping feet, on your skull, no more fears...

    Thousand marching feet, on their way to war,
    No place to hide, we're kicking down the door,
    We have the heart, we have the will,
    And we will always shoot to kill...

    Do I care if you hate me, wanna know the truth,
    Adios, c'est la vie, good riddance, f*ck you,
    We topple your image and piss on your grave,
    Now sit down, shut up, I suggest you behave...