Guts 'n' Stuff...

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    So no more tears, no more pain,
    After I blow out the back of your brain,
    Your friends are pricks, you are too,
    Don't stop cutting till the bone's sawed through...

    All of my rhymes are A-B-A-B
    Should've aborted you before you were a baby,
    It just comes natural, it comes so easy,
    When thinking about me makes you queasy...

    I know you get mad, I know you get hurt,
    I know the school bullies made you eat dirt,
    I know that you're sad, know that you're lonely,
    I'd slit your throat for talking about my One and Only...

    Packing on the pounds, I suggest a diet,
    Go eat a bullet, I think you should try it,
    But really, if not for me, for your friends,
    Cry no more, if this cold, cruel world offends...

    Just take the easy way out,
    It'll solve my problems no doubt,
    Six short stanzas and I feel fine,
    Knowing it's only a matter of time...

    You'll snap one dark and stormy night,
    And I'll be the one to have won the fight,
    Barbed wire around a throat, scissors in an eye,
    Don't freak on me, I just want you to die...