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    So you want to create a Guild?

    Let's go over a few guidelines about the Guilds and how to apply for one.

    1. You may be a member of more than one Guild.
    2. Only one Leader per Guild.
    3. Each Guild will be given their own forum.
    4. Inactivity in a Guild over 1 month will result in the deletion of the Guild.

    These rules are subject to changes at any time.

    How to Apply for a Guild.

    You must have over 500 posts to Apply for a Guild. Failure to meet this requirement upon Application will result in the denial of your Guild Application and disqualify you from ever obtaining a guild.

    You must be a member in good standing with us here at TFF. Meaning no constant warnings, etc.

    To apply please PM Boomerang with the following information.
    Leader Username. Do not Put Leader: Me in the PM. Put Leader: Your username here
    E-mail address. Must be a working one.
    Guild Name
    Guild Description
    Why you want a guild. Do not just say because I want one. We want a real typed up answer. This shows us how much you really want it.

    Guilds will then be approved by the admins and the applicant will be notified.

    Do not post in this thread. Create a new thread with any questions you might have.
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