Gimlis Helm

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by deacon75, Feb 14, 2004.

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    For those that are fans of Gimli like myself, and collect UC's precious replicas. You may have asked yourself If Gimlis Helm is worth a chunk of
    your take home pay. Oh lordy yes. I just received mine Friday afternoon, and this is one heck of a display piece. I have the LE Andruil, Striders
    sword and scabbard, and they are all incredible. But Gimili's takes the cake, just on shear presence. I Love my LE Andruil, but Gimli's helm is chock
    full detail, from the metal work, to the stitching and embossing on the leather. There are even designes on the inside of the helmet. The neck guard is
    extremely impressive. Little individual plates of metal tied together by leather straps. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was just below the
    top where the four bands of metal meet at the top of the helm, the shell wasn't really that textured. In the pictures you see heavy texturing between
    the braided leather, but this is quit smooth.
    With that minor little hiccup out of the way this is one heck of a piece for gimli fans.