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    I refuse to read Martins books before his series is completed(incase he would die).

    So I search for alternatives.

    Keeper of the Swords
    I originally read Nick Perumov, which is darker than the tv-adaptation of Martins books/"idea".
    Especially the line between good and evil is completely lost.
    It was a complete mindfuck and I loved every minute of it(kind of it was alot of pages, not everything was compressed to bare ecentials).

    Erik Granström
    A more condenced and focused writer that have a more clear moral:
    Wise is good, but fate can change the unknowing.
    To change you must dare.

    And so on and so on, less dark than Perumov, but condenced.

    So What is the alternatives to read?
    How does Steven Eriksson compare to RR Martin and Tolkien?

    I will probably read Tolkien, but I got so dissapointed when I read The Hobbit when I was 13 that I don't trust him.

    I feel like Tolkien is probably only focusing on the morals of "Lust", "Lust for power" and justness.

    So: Any tips?