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    Basic Storyline (more can be added if needed... rough draft):
    This begins in the land of Nara-ku, where EunGyung the city's high priestess, prophecizes about the coming of a great evil to the Northern lands. With the permission from the high king, Baekku, she begins a journey in which the objective must be the destruction of the evil and the preservation of peace. She calls upon the help of warriors from all over the lands, asking them to aid her in this quest. However, unknown, the darker power stirrs in the north and plans the destruction of the good.


    JuJak: EunGyung


    Name: EunGyung
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race: Human(Corean)/Spirt
    Height: 160cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Appearance: She is of light build and has a voluptuous body. Her black hair is straight, falling to mid-back, and soft. Her dark-brown, almost black eyes are walnut-shaped but have the grace of the Corean-- somewhat narrow, and slanted. Her skin is of a fair complexion, and her lips, though not thin, are still not full, though a gentle petal pink.
    Spirit: EunGyung assumes the form of the red fox, though her form is much larger than the actual animal. Her soft, thick fur shines mahogany, red, and gold in the sunlight, and has a red-pink silvery hue when the moonlight shines on it. Her eyes change to a deep but vibrant amber. Though larger than the average red fox, her size only reaches to that of the large cat of the oriental jungles—the tiger. The form altered greatly from the original spirit, though the aura is recognizable nonetheless. Her form is somewhat transparent, or at least seems to become transparent when the wind rushes through the spirt's form. Her spirit is old, but she herself is young.
    Apparel: She usually wears earthy or neutral toned dresses that fall to her feet, accompanied by long suede boots that hug her slender legs, climbing to her upper calf, and are laced all the way up. However, sometimes she prefers to go barefoot. She has two preferences as to her cloak, which she usually wears when she leaves the temple; the first is a cloak of dark hematite grey cotton that only falls to her waist, tied around her neck with two long strings; the second is a long, full-length cloak of a light slate color with a hood that she uses to conceal her face, or just to create a mysterious air.
    Bow= The wooden quiver she keeps on her back is long and cilindrical, keeping a maximum of only 10 arrows, each almost two feet in length, and her recurve though elegant, is short-- as traditional bows of the Corean are, made of flexible bamboo.
    Sword= She has a long, double-edged sword. The blade is very thin, no thicker than the width of her thumb. The hilt is a cross, very plain, although it looks like silver vines are moving along the golden hilt.
    Magic= She uses a form of elemental/natural magic. However, she must use incantations to invoke the deities and other nature spirits to be able to conjour her spells. She herself is a vessel of the Gods.
    History: Her family, one of the most noble, is said to have derived from the great animal spirits of the Corean peninsula. She and her family have lived in the humidity of the semi-tropical wood, although their main living quarters was located within the city, near the King himself. When she was very young, EunGyung would run off into the woods and play by herself against her parents' will. She never really got to know her family. She had a brother, although she has not seen him since she was 15, as he left the family, assuming a life of darkness. After his disappearance, her parents discovered that she had gone to play in the woods instead of indulging in her studies, and she was disowned.
    Personality: EunGyung is a kind person, no doubt, though she can be quiet, especially when she is around those she doesn’t know. She can also give a newly met person an attitude if she feels threatened by them. She is very loyal to those she loves, and the bond between them would be hard to break, though she is sensitive and easily hurt.
    Other tidbits:
    +Likes:: overcast days, taking naps under the shade of the trees, archery, stuffed animals
    +Dislikes:: the needless expansion and conquering of the human race. Arrogance.
    +Strengths:: She is a fair archer, can voice her opinions of need be, and can learn quickly, she is able to manipulate the forces of nature
    +Weaknesses:: She is very shy at times, doesn’t show her emotions very well and cries easily

    [b]Other tidbits:[/b]
    [i]+Likes:: [/i]

    I obviously need someone to play the 'higher evils'. So there should be two stories going on at once, and one at the end of the rp.

    Is anyone interested? This is a pretty free-flowing rp, so all races are welcome, any story lines.


    Also, is this thread in the right place? I was kind of confused.