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    Name: Gabriel
    Race: Half-Angel
    Height: 6 ft.
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Age: Estimated 177 yrs.
    Weapon: 精神の翼 (Spirit Wing) It will be explained in the Bio
    Hair color: White
    Hair length: see avatar
    Eyes: A very deep blue (most of the time)


    As a child he lived in a world that was dominated by two factions: (simply put) The Angels, and the Fallen Angels. (If you want to know how they became fallen angels ask, but it is a long story :p ) There were only 20 Angels, each with their specific tasks and abilities. Gabriel's father, Archael was one of these angels. His name was Archael. He was married to a human named Sara who had their son Gabriel. Archael was the keeper or harvester of the souls. Many, if not all of the other Angels envied his power and position and wished him dead. Archael now had to worry about fending off Deamons and Angels. He knew he had to escape to the Astral Plane and fast. On the day of his leave, he sat Gabriel (age 7 at the time) and gave him one of his feathers. He said to one day craft it within the steel of a weapon and it would give him great luck. Gabriel promised to do so and kept it as a necklace around his neck until he was much older. Gabriel watched though his window as he saw his father take on mighty flap with his wings and rocket off into the clouds, however; he was not the only on flying up into the sky. Instantly after his father took off, he saw the other 19 angels shot off after them, levaing feathers in their place. These feathers would eventually come to haunt Gabriel. He never saw his father again, but did as he asked and kept the feather with him until he was 18 and then crafted into a sword which he named Spirit Wing. The instant that he folded the scaulding metal over the feather, the whole sword took a new form. It was a katana with a Pearl White blade, and a Night Black handle and sheath. It was as if the feather already had the sword built into it, and it was waiting for someone to forge it. Gabriel sat their for a few moments wondering what had just happened and then reached for the handle. (the handle was 5 inches longer than normal and te blade was 8 inches longer) The moment he touched the black braided cotton like handle, the sword sprung to life with a blinding glow as a small inscription was branded into the handle and onto his hand in identicle places where his hand touched the handle. This parallel branding would one day allow him to unleash the might Deep Strike attack. Ever since the day he touched the handle of this magnificent weapon, he has changed into a new person. His hair grew white and his eyes ocean blue. He always wore a black coat like cloak, and the blade never left his side. He came to discover that others had found the feathers of the other angels that floated to earth the day Archael was chased into the heavens, and have too forged them into various weapons. (Howeverm none as magnificent as Spirit Wing; and no others were katanas.) He has been a threay to allo remaining evils, and will remain to fight for the justice he sees as right.

    Anyway, this is my character bio. I would love to join some
    RPG channels if any of you would like to have me just give me
    a buzz. Thanks alot :)

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