Furutsitc rp with action and drama

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    Hmm.....that is somewhat contradictory BUT Lets say your char decided to invent a new type of technology that is powered different then the GUNZOLIDS. Then yes your wimpy human can have those awesome cybernetic attachments. Although a new problem with your character will be is that all the other humans will feel jealous and try to pick pocket you. And hurray three people already!

    Stats of your character will also be worked out by Kakashi. The different categorizes will be:
    COOLOMETER!!!! (determines interactions with npcs)
    RADSTAT!!!! (like the luck stat but rad sounds more...rad)
    LAZERATTACK!! (magic like attacks or special stat/not physical)

    and there will be special attacks upon request too. I will roll a dice for RADSTAT!!!! if it is a 6 then whatever thing you just did has DDDDOUBLE EFFECT!!!!
    Check the space profiles for more detail!

    We will also roll dice for unexpected situations like..you enter a room, ROOLLLL DICEEEE. If its high you might find some thing good, if its low we might cripple or slaughter your character!

    Edit: I plan to start off the game in a field mission with Squad 64
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