Forever conclusions

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I can't talk to you
    For my effort was never ending true
    Refusing to accept your apology that you made
    As your love for someone still endures and your for love me decided to fade

    I wanting to talk to you and be there for you
    Do what ever I could do
    Spend evenings and nights by your side
    As a part of me felt bliss on the inside

    To make you smile, laugh and enjoy this day
    Yet you had to push me away
    I may be just another guy to you, as I see this as a reality
    Forcing me to slowly move on sadly

    I still remember you saying it was not meant to be
    Which you were lying you gave up like everyone else does eventually
    My eyes see a future many are blind to see
    With in my mind I sense things so much more clearly

    My problem is I cannot walk away or end a relationship with anyone
    Knowing every person I meet could be a journey that just begun
    Lies still float in the air about me
    Which I never will be at peace with truthfully

    I always look to my past and think of what could have been
    Second guessing everything with in
    People judge me and people give up on me
    Throwing in the towel and sending me off to sea

    Everything I gave you was with love from my heart
    The necklace, the flowers and my writing art
    I was not trying to buy you off, I like showing affection
    Yet you took my efforts differently coming from another direction

    I still miss you like yesterday
    Thinking what we had vanished one day to this day
    Still alive and vivid in my heart and soul
    Surprised that I am not dark as coal

    Even though I gave you my best
    Emotionally you put me to the test
    I still feel like I failed you in the end
    As my heart is forever on the mend