For the girl I cannot say hello to

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Your eyes are like stars from space
    As I look into them with such a daze
    I notice your smile and the happiness on your face
    You are beautiful, created by Gods grace

    I could have said hi or how are you?
    Yet they are said too much, it's best to be original and true
    Life should have creativity
    With care and sincerity

    I don't know you, but we all need to take a chance
    To find what we are looking for instead of just lust and romance
    Believe me I read your profile
    So I can determine if my efforts are worthwhile

    It is easier to write in poetry for it speaks from the heart
    As words fly from the soul like a thrown dart
    I will not waste your precious time
    For doing so in my book is considered a crime

    Honestly I can only give you my best
    I'm not like the rest
    Shy sometimes I am guilty of so
    Just to let you know

    I'm sure you have closed your eyes as you drifted to sleep
    May you sleep well and many sweet dreams you keep
    Speak to you in the future I hope
    If not I understand like a endangered species I will survive and cope