Flesh Wounds...

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    Get ready to go, because I don't go slow,
    Full throttle is the only way I actually know,
    Hit me between the eyes, in the chest,
    Go ahead and give me your very best...

    No wound is deep enough to make say I had enough,
    Because blades fashioned of rhetoric aren't all that rough,
    Cold steel, wrought iron, crude rusted swords,
    Break, snap, and splinter against my heart, all the words...

    Forged in the pressure of painful heartache,
    Heat and force that made me quiver and quake,
    Is now the reason I'm too strong to be brought down,
    Nothing can be as hard as the battles I've fought now...

    You cut, I bleed, but it's only skin deep,
    Scars form where the blood seeps,
    Tough like leather, a hide so strong hides the heart,
    Mended and stitched, stronger than at the start...

    Ready to be handed back over in a moment,
    Decided there's no reason to have atonement,
    God giveth and God taketh away,
    But I'll always be here to stay...

    Planted in my boots, like a weed in the lawn,
    Cut it down and it'll be back before next dawn,
    Hate it, love it, try and rip it out by the root,
    The stem will grow hardy and leaves will bear fruit...

    Tough, like only I can be, strong in the head and soul,
    Bruised, beaten, battered I'll always be ready to roll,
    No, I don't look so good at this time,
    But, by the end, I'll be just fine...

    They forgot to teach me how to surrender,
    Defeated, broke down, heart in a blender,
    Still hanging on, even with my hands tied,
    Here I sit, bright eyed and happy, smile wide...

    So relax, breathe in deep and know,
    Things will be alright because I say so,
    The same as it always has been,
    What matters is what is within...

    You still have the key,
    See what no one else can see,
    A boy wrapped in bandages, a smirk on his face,
    And everyone knows he's his own saving grace...