Final Destiny

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    Final Destiny

    Written by Brian A Washington


    Long ago, in the land of Shinook lived a newly proclaimed Swordsman. This lone Swordsman did many great things throughout Shinook and not to mention an abundant amount of side quests which had to be carried out in other distant lands. This Swordsman name is Xekellian Willinger; though he prefers to be acknowledged by his alias ‘Xeke’. Xeke’s previous quest had earned him his current fame and fortune; Xekellian’s accomplishments were quickly spreading to all six corners of the land.
    Before Xeke had honorably obtained his fame, he lived the life of a lowly guard in his village. He would struggle every day to make ends meet, the same old routine every stinking day; well at least that’s how Xeke would’ve put it. Every night right after Xeke’s shift was over, he would sneak over to the Shift Manager’s house just to check if he could sleep in that night on account of if he didn’t have to go to work the following day. But knowing Xeke, he had that gut feeling that maybe there more than this provincial life of his. He’s even thought about running off and leaving his brother Clay, only he just didn’t have the heart to do that . . . , well not yet anyway. Much greatness was headed for the downhearted guard; the only thing that stood in the way was time.
    Xeke marched over to the armory to turn in his gear like he always did prior to getting off of work, on the way over to his house he saw Clay bringing in his last load of corn stalks of the day. Clay had a small smile at the corner of his mouth as if he had something in store for Xeke. Clay immediately noticed Xeke giving him a heads up as he tossed the corn stalks over his brother's head.
    “Anything interesting happen at work today?” Clay asked. Xeke looked up into the sky then shook his head in a disapproving manner. He was way too tired to speak and all he could do to compete with his brother high spirit was with the exhausted expression from a long hard day at work. This tired expression came naturally for Xeke especially when your job requires fighting off monsters and wildlife all hours of the day, you can almost say that Xeke is always on the job because he is indeed by far the best swordsman in his village.
    Clay began, “Hold on a sec, after I'm finished hauling this load into the barn I’ll fix you up a batch of my famous corn and rye soup, you just head inside and relax I’ll be in directly”
    Xeke continued his pace until he reached the door, then broke into a sprint racing for his room and then locking the door behind him. He walked over to his bed, spun 180° then limply fell over backwards landing directly onto his sunken in bed; seconds later he was sound asleep.
    Whilst Xeke slept, his younger brother Clay opened his door walking in backwards he carried a tray with a bowl filled with his corn and rye soup special.
    “Xeke, now sit up there’s no use trying to sleep on an empty stomach . . . , my god you’re already asleep” Xeke usually dreamed of himself making love to beautiful women prior to saving them, but tonight his sub consciousness conjured up something new, something enlightening a bit of reach but it brought him out of his depression and now he had something to hope for. (Dreams routinely become reality)
    The next morning Xeke awoke feeling he was the almighty Atlas. He got up earlier to help his brother with the morning chores. Afterward he headed off to the armory to prepare for work.
    Upon arrival at the armory, Xeke was approached by his pupil Xande. Xande had been Xeke’s pupil ever since they were little.
    “What’re you doing up here so early Xande, up to no good I would wager,” “Or wait maybe you’re trying to cheat your way to a promotion, yes that fits you to a “Tee
    Xande quickly turned to whoever was speaking to him fumbling the blade he was attempting to plunder in the process.
    “Ah, if it isn't Xeke, the only guard to never receive a promotion and you’ve been working here for what four years now?” Xande chuckled.
    “You imbecile, I've told you an ample of times, I turned down 56 promotions and 309 missions unworthy of my skill level, how many times do I have to tell you this?”
    “Skill level Xande said smartly, don’t make me laugh, you know terribly well I should have the rank of Captain and you should have this Lieutenant rank of mine.” “Wait, scratch that, you're not even worthy of that rank, if it was up to me, you'd be stuck with the lowly rank of an Apprentice,” “That tares it, Xeke shouted, let us settle this right here and now a one on one battle, me and you.”
    “That's what I wanted!” Xande breathed, and with that he revealed a magnificent steel-tipped lance; the battle was on.
    “You're going down Xande” Xeke shouted. “No I believe it is you who are going down” Xande responded.
    Xande thrust his lance with skilled expertise in an attempt to intimidate his foe Xeke, though it had less than zero affect on him. Xeke unsheathed a simple bronze dagger with the intent to defeat Xande's lance.
    “Honestly, what do you expect to do with that lowly weapon; or do you mean to mock me?”
    “No, I just merely believe I can defeat you with this weapon thus proving my skills are far superior to that of yours” Xeke remarked “How dare you insult me you lousy peasant,” and with that Xande hurled his lance at Xeke’s head. Xeke had only to merely lean his head out of the line of the attack. “Fool, now you not have a weapon” Xeke sneered. “Oh but I do” Xande said in a conniving manner. Xeke darted toward Xande, Xande saw an opening on Xeke’s right, dodged Xeke’s attack, then rolled out of harms way picking up his lance in the process. Even before Xande could reposition his lance in coordination with his stance he received a right hook to the chin. The blow was so sudden that it relieves Xande’s grip of his lance. Xeke quickly retrieved Xande’s lance arming himself with it. Xeke awaited Xande to come to allowing him to see him with his own lance.
    “What a cheap shot and more so you stole my lance, which in any case would’ve meant I’ve lost the fight, nonetheless” Xande continued, “I’ve got this Double-Edged Sword here which I happen to be skilled with” Xeke hurled his bronze dagger at Xande, his aim was defined and true. The dagger spiraled its way straight toward Xande’s chain mail protected upper body. Though he was not harmed by the dagger itself but by the velocity of it. Xande was blown away by the force, and he was out cold.
    Xeke pitied Xande, in result he picked up Xande’s comatose body and carried it to Xande’s house which happened to be right across from his own. “What was he thinking? ; taking this Double-Edged Sword without consent, more to the point his minuscule frame could never even begin to imagine the toll it’d take on it, he was indeed very foolish” Xeke finished up with his rival then returned to cover his shift by himself.
    As Xeke watched the road from his post, he simultaneously tended to Xande making sure he was all right; after all he was his pupil.
    Midday arrived and Xeke had made four trips back and forth between Xande’s house and his post and neither needed his attention. It was time for Xeke’s lunch break but he couldn’t leave his post for he had no one to relieve him, usually Xande would but he was down for the count.
    “I’ve been standing here for four hours and nothing has happened, not even monsters coming to wreck havoc upon the village, which is unusual,” Xeke said. “Maybe I can run home and eat something then come back and maybe nobody’ll be the wiser”
    It was a chance Xeke was highly considering even though he even knew there was a possibility that he could lose his job, after some deep thought Xeke reconsidered.
    Two hours came and went and still nothing had come along. “Now something is not right here, where are all the rogue bandits and monsters and not to mention traveling merchants” “Wait a second . . . ” Xeke climbed to the top of his post and peered down the road and just as he suspected, something with a hint of blue was down the road as far as the eye could see. “What the heck is that?” Xeke was startled a bit from the sudden voice coming from behind him. Xeke turned around, it was Xande. He was rubbing his chest from where Xeke had thrown his dagger at.
    Oh Xande, I see you’re up, now listen I need you to stand here and cover for me while I check out whatever that thing is further down the road.
    “Why, so you can take all the glory?” “Well not this time bigshot, besides it my lunch break and you’re supposed to be guarding the village” Xande explained. “Well some individual has to stay here and it’s not going to be me” Xeke said. “Well I beg the differ,” and with that Xande took off running down the road. Xeke broke into a sprint hoping to make it there before Xande did.
    Heart heavily pounding, sweat pouring down Xeke’s face he continues to run. Xeke finally caught up with Xande, “Oh no you don’t” said Xeke throwing his bronze dagger at Xande’s feet causing him to trip over it. “Curse you Xeke!” “You know better than anyone else, you’ll never attain anything before I’ve already attained it!” Xeke barked.
    Xeke had a hunch what that thing was beforehand, the Azure Yeti, an ape like creature and with the strength of 10 men. It’s seldom seen due to the fact that it hibernates 338 days out of the year. Xeke had seen the Azure Yeti once as a kid.
    Xeke hid behind a boulder near the grounds in which the Azure Yeti was wrecking havoc. What a gruesome sight the area was in, there were mutilated human bodies all over the place and over by an old oak tree rested a broken down stage coach which obviously was destroyed by the Azure Yeti. “What in the world could’ve awakened the Azure Yeti?!” Xande shouted. “Shh!” Xeke whispered, “You don’t want it to know were here or we’ll end up like those unfortunate people” “Oh my god!” Xande said covering his mouth.
    “Could you be any louder Xande?” Xeke asked sarcastically, and to answer your question I wager it was those no good rouge bandits over there” “Grr, those bandits make me so mad, Xeke, just give me one minute alone with them I’ll tear them a new one!” “Why do you insist on being loud and obnoxious, please do me the favor of going back to the village Xande” Xande got up grimacing Xeke. “Well if you want the Azure Yeti so bad then you can have him!” Xande started to cause a big commotion in result captured the Azure Yeti sole attention. “Why you little,” before Xeke could get his hands on Xande he made a mad dash for the village leaving Xeke behind. The Azure Yeti charged toward Xeke. Xeke repositioning himself he unsheathed his Sword of mesmerai and positioned Shield, now with Xeke’s back facing the boulder he was ready for a preemptive attack. The Azure Yeti leaped over the boulder and headed for the village, the Azure Yeti was after Xande not Xeke.
    Xeke watched from afar as the Azure Yeti quickly caught up with Xande and obliterate him. “Oh my god, Xande I’m coming!” Xeke got up with weapon and shield in hand and made a mad dash for the Azure Yeti, Xeke rushed in with weapons blared. The Azure Yeti threw Xande aside then conflicted with Xeke. As Xeke fought tooth and nail with the Azure Yeti he knew he was unmatched for its strength. After knocking down the Azure Yeti, Xeke tended to Xande. He was too late Xande had been irreparably mutilated. “Oh Xande why did you have to be so egotistical?”
    As Xeke mourned over the loss of his pupil he suddenly got this burst of adrenaline. The Azure Yeti had already got to his feet and was beating its chest to raise its strength to an immense level. Xeke picked up Xande lance and hurled it at the Azure Yeti. The Azure Yeti caught the lance with its bare hands.
    “Foolish humans,” snarled the Azure Yeti in a barely comprehensive English dialect, “You now all shall feel the wrath of the Azure Yeti for disturbing my slumber”. Xeke had no idea that the Azure Yeti could speak. “You humans and your apparatuses heed nothing the Goddess Ryha consults; you humans destroyed my home in the hills which is now a wasteland. You humans care nothing of us; your apparatuses spill black poison upon the land killing it!” “We have had enough of your narcissistic ways human; you must pay for your insolence” “W-wait a second, I’ve done nothing to your home…” “Silence human”, the Azure Yeti interrupted.
    The Azure let out a ferocious cry, “Brotheren heed my call, now is the time come out of the trenches of the forest, it is time for our retributive justice.” Minutes later 2 Yetis came tearing out of the forest all bearing different insignias. The first Yeti had the insignia of Ecru; the second Yeti had the insignia of Crimson. The Crimson, Ecru, and Azure Yeti all together attacked Xeke with everything they could muster. Xeke was no match against the team of Yetis and their strength totality of 30 men The Ecru, Crimson and Azure Yeti picked up a gargantuan boulder and hurled it at Xeke; he transiently marveled at the strength of the Yeti’s then quickly jumped out of the way.
    Xeke pulled out his Sword of Mesmerai and combated with all 3 Yeti’s. At first Xeke tried to concentrate on the Crimson Yeti but after a few times being knocked about, he decided to try out a new stratagem. As Xeke combated with the Yeti’s he thought about how to determine the weaknesses of these ferocious beasts. Xeke ponder how the different insignias of the Yeti’s could be affiliated with an element in which could bring to the matter involving ample elemental weaknesses. The Azure Yeti has elemental attribute of water which has the weakness of electricity, the Ecru Yeti has the elemental attribute of earth which has the weakness of physical strength. Now before Xeke could continue to ponder about each of the Yeti’s weaknesses his entire body was being thrashed about. “No time to think now…, must call for help”. Now at this point Xeke was beaten so severely that his natural reflexes were malfunctioning, he couldn’t defend himself any longer he was exhausted. Xeke couldn’t contemplate about anything he was in a complete dazed state of mind.
    As Xeke lingered there taking the trashing from the Yeti’s completely dependant on his sole reflexes which were wearing thin as time wore on, little did he know that in the near distance 2 rogue bandits were watching this whole ordeal go down and now were contemplating on fleeing knowing they were next in line to be killed. The indecisive bandits argued with each other on the matter. “Vincent isn’t that the famous Xekellian Willinger who saved all those people from the burning barn a couple years back?” Bandit #2 asked. “Ah don’t be daft; you of all people should know that if that was Xeke those Yetis’s would’ve been dead by now”, “I was there that day when that barn caught aflame”
    “I tell you now that is not Xeke, Xeke was a lot taller than that man you see before you”, Vincent the Bandit explained. “Well whether he is Xeke or not he’ll die if we do nothing, therefore I’m going in to help him with or without your consent sir” “You’re being foolish, you and your wretched excuse for a weapon have no chance against to those Yetis”, Vincent barked.
    Bandit #2 stared down at the flimsy stick he was wielding simultaneously thinking about what his superior had just said. “I don’t care” said Bandit #2. Vincent turned around and glared at his arrogant pupil. “Why must you be so persistent, as you can see your so called Xekellian Willinger here is clearly far more advanced than you and I, what makes you think that you can make any of a difference?”