Felonyr's Child: Part 1

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    It was a night of dead calm and silence. Into the likes of which no creature would willingly venture, for fear of disturbing the unnatural tension. It permeated every rock and tree, every brick and log of rotting wood, even stealing into the house where a likewise unnatural act was about to occur.


    She awoke in a cold sweat. As she peeled her long, auburn hair from her moist forehead she forced herself to sit up in the large bed that had become her home over the last few tendays. Long had been the nights that she sat idle and awaited her doom. So long, in fact, that the exhaustion of her pregnancy had forced her to succumb to the doors of sleep. As she slept, she had dreamed of men killing, senseless babbling, and demons torturing all manner of things. In short, she dreamed of madness.

    As with all of the other times she had awoken in the midst of her slumber, her handmaiden Dianna came to her, prattling about the dangers of a birth without healers or a priest. And as with every time previous, she shoved her away. The woman knew in her heart that a priest would not be able to endure that which would leave her womb. She knew that it would drive all who witnessed it mad. That is why she had put her trust in Dianna, knowing the woman to already be quite out of her mind.

    She had foreseen this night, and knew it to be the one she had been waiting for so very long. Almost 8 months ago she had a dream, one that she would never forget. In this dream, a man with a dazzling purple outfit and the eyes of a cat had come to her.

    As he approached where she stood, the light gleaming off his well-kept goatee, leaning lightly on his cane he spoke, “Near comes the time to dance and sing, for the child of mine you forth shall bring. Now that my rhyming is over, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Lord Felonyr, the god of madness. Is it nice to meet me? I should think so! As I said, you're going to be having my child. How, you ask? Well, that doesn't really need to be said, as I think that's more for me to know and you to find out! Or not, it doesn't really matter. You can, of course, say no to me. But that will only end in me drowning you in the blood of cattle. I do so love cattle, so stupid and fat, very jealous they make me. Anyway, I don't think that you would like that outcome very much. So, whatd'ya say?”

    Even in the middle of her own dream, the auburn-haired woman could only stand there dumbfounded. Despite her skepticism, she found her head nodding in accord as a feeling of euphoria came over her as she awoke, memories of that purple-robed man walking from her still vivid and lingering in her mind.

    In the middle of that thought, with Dianna lightly stepping over her plush carpets to leave her room, she felt her water break. The woman tried to stand and move for the door to stop Dianna from leaving that side of the castle. She yelled for the handmaiden as she fell, a sudden pain erupting within her. The rest of that night was a red haze of pain and anguish as she gave birth to a mysterious, fatherless son.

    As dawn broke over the mountains to the east, she came out of her pain induced delirium to discover the child that she had just given birth to was sitting in the corner laughing in a way that can only be described as maniacal. She could hardly believe her eyes as she watched the child grow to what seemed to be adulthood in a matter of minutes, laughing all the while. She watched as his hair grew long down his back, then fell off of its own accord, leaving him bald and appearing to be at the age about twenty. His eyes shifted colors as he grew, moving from brown, to green, and finally settling on something resembling the eyes of a cat.

    The woman's terror only grew as the “man” in front of her began to speak. “Why thank you “mother” for bearing my child and I. As I'm sure you have guessed, I am Felonyr, the father of myself. Now, you have to die.”, he said. Upon hearing this, the woman started to shriek and panic. She tried to get out of bed and get far away from this demon that she had spawned. Alas, in her weak and weary state after so recently giving birth, she was unable to move her head, let alone get out of bed and flee.

    “Do not fear, mother,”, he said with a grin, “I am not going to kill you now. I was simply giving you a heads up as to the fact that you must die, as have all before you.” he paused, “Yes, there have been others. None of which I particularly cared for, nor do I particularly care for you. But back to my main point, I am not going to kill you now. Since this is the 31st of White Rise, a month should do, you have until the 31st of Moon's Descent to set your affairs in order. I will return to you then, or maybe I won't, it is like me to have off days. I was just reborn, you know, I can barely remember my own name, let alone have to remember to come back here in a month's time to murder you.”

    That whole time, the woman had been slipping in and out of consciousness, both due to being utterly exhausted from her recent childbirth, and to the fact that her mind was unraveling and beginning to seclude itself from the realm of rationality. She had begun to descend into madness, just as she had feared would happen to any who witnessed her unholy birthing.

    And in the next moment, Felonyr spun suddenly and vanished into the wall that he was standing if front of. The woman fell over in her bed and seemed as though she was losing herself in her own irrational thoughts. She lay there for over two hours before Dianna had the nerve to shuffle back into the room.