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    Hi :)

    My name is Kristina and I live in Florence where I attend Angel Academy of Art to learn classical drawing and painting. I am also a freelance illustrator working for the graphics/animation studio Virgin Lands (Germany).

    But I am not yet "booked out", and need to earn money in order to pay art school tuition. If you're interested in a portrait of your RPG character, a story illustration or a fantasy book cover, this is for you!
    You can see more work in my online portfolio , as well as my full resumè in art and illustration, with publications and work experiences.
    References are available, just ask! :)

    Here's a little overview with prices and work samples:

    Simple portrait, some detail - 100 USD

    Detailed portrait, single character, simple background - 200 USD

    Fully refined, detailed illustration with one or multiple characters - 300 USD

    I also color your own work! :D
    Coloration of a simple drawing with some detail: 40 USD
    (Drawings by Mario Jürgasch, coloration by me)

    Coloration of a detailed drawing: 80 USD

    I also make colored pencil sketches of characters (50 USD)

    How it Works
    Describe your desired artwork, and I'll make a rough sketch. Upon approval of the sketch, you pay the price for the painting. (I accept PayPal).
    You will receive the finished picture, depending on detailed-ness and complexity, within 2 days and 4 weeks from receipt of the payment.
    Minor changes to the finished image are free.
    By commissioning a painting, you aren't buying the copyright, but you're free to show the image online for noncommercial purposes; you also can make avatars and signature tags from it. For commercial purposes, depending on how big or small your project is, I charge between none and some license fees. (The possibilites are so many, I like to decide on an individual basis – feel free to ask me! :) )

    Please e-mail me at maidith at hotmail dot de.

    Thank you for looking! :D
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