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    Humans: The humans coexist under the rule of Kingdoms. In each Kingdom there is a King, and sometimes a Queen (if the King is married, the Queen cannot rule). There may be children from such a joining, in which case a Princess will be used to strengthen ties between Kingdoms, and a Prince will be taken akin to the King, and taught how to rule. When the King dies, the Queen is banished from the title, and the Prince then becomes King, the Queen, if once a peasant, shall be so again, unless direct otherwise by the now King. If there is no Prince, then the closest male blood-relative to the King shall take his place.

    There are 5 Kingdoms of men. There is Joyik, ruled by King Huila, Koina, ruled by King Jefery. Gorna, ruled by Goran the Great, Ulruk, ruled by King Martyr, and the struggling Kingdom of Vilance, ruled by the once great King, and warrior, King Damzus.

    Elves: The Elves too use the Kingdom system, however in the event of the death of a King, the Queen will take set role. The rule of the first born Prince still applies, but the rule of selling of Princesses to other Kingdoms was last seen 300 years ago; ever since the Kingdoms have been strongly allied.

    There are only two Kingdoms of Elves, Lorinea, ruled by Queen Morya, and Guhina, ruled by King Fyllum.

    Dwarves: The Dwarves all live under one united Kingdom that spans the entire length of the Kilnako Mountains. The Kingdom, is in turn entitled Kilnako, and is ruled by the King of the Dwarves, Tyrin.

    Driders: The Driders are split into two different clans, each of which is separated into tribes. The two clans are of course the Magick’s clan, and the Warrior’s clan.

    Warrior’s Clan; The Warrior’s Clan, which is not really a clan, more a large like-minded group, (that doesn’t even live all together) that is split, into three tribes; the Trui, which are a thick-skinned group which fight mainly with spears, the Gwan, faster, more agile, and they use swords and shields, and finally, the Hyla, which have no preference of weaponry.

    Magick’s Clan; This clan, not unlike the Warrior’s Clan, is split up. This however, has only two primary tribes. The Dridak Tribe, which consists of mainly Elemantalists, and the Aiydn Tribe, which consists of primarily healers.

    Centaurs; The Centaurs follow the unbinding law of Tribalism. They can choose to leave their tribe, and try to join another, this however, is risky, as once you leave your tribe, you are neither guaranteed into the tribe in question, nor aloud back into your original tribe. The tribes are many, but not unlimited. There are three that are well known to all, the Jinkas, a group of blood-thirsting, sacrificing killers, who are unmatched in combat among the Centaurs, the Druidic Tribes, which live in wooded areas not unlike those of the Elves, and the Bowmau, a group of archery oriented fighters unmatched – save by Elves – in archery.

    Minotaurs; The Minotaurs are a very combat oriented race. Because of this, each clan of the Minotaurs have a particular fighting style. Each tribe and most every Minotaur lives together in a city in the Animalistic Plains. After reaching manhood, at about age 15, the Minotaurs are drafted according to their skills into a clan. A Minotaur going into battle will dye their fur to allow easy identification of their clan and style.

    The Blood Clan; The Bloods are the front line fighters, each one is a massive killing beast armed with anything possible, or nothing at all, though they prefer large axes or hammers. A single, unarmed Blood can defeat 5 armed humans with ease. These traits make them the perfect killers. The Bloods dye their fur red for battle.

    The Night Clan; Nights are formidable with pole arms. They dye their fur black, and prefer to attack from the shadows. Nights are very formidable against mounted units, and find combat against such easy, due to extended reaches of the pole arms.

    The Duaal Clan: These Minotaurs have been trained in speed, and use shorter, easy to swing weapons like scimitars (due to Minotaur sizes, this is small). They choose to dodge, and then strike quickly. The Duaals will only strike when safe, and able. The Duaals dye their fur in bright yellows and oranges.
    Vulpinians: The fox-men all fall into one of two followings. They either follow the Way of the Fist (Fists). This group prefers to fight with small weapons in little armor. Or the Way of the Skull; the followers of the Skull, or Skulls, prefer larger weapons, like broad swords or whirling demons (curved, hook-like blades on opposing ends of a shaft). These Vulpines wear more armor and tend to go into battle last.

    Feel free to post other factions aswel, ie) The Rangers of Lorinea... etc.
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    The Rangers Of Lorinea

    The Rangers of Lorinea have served their home for over 900 years. The Ranger's consist of 30 highly trained members. They are trained in the arts of war, weaponary, stealth and herb-lore. The are famed throughout the lands as masters of their domain, and are feared by all the Elve's enemies.

    The Rangers themselves are governed by a High Council, which consist's of 5 members, who are the 5 top ranking Rangers. They are styled "First Ranger," "Second Ranger," etc.

    At this point in time, the Rangers' are led by Carambeth, and the only remaining member of the High Council beside him is Elril, the newly appointed "Second Ranger."