Eyes that foresee

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    You live with worries
    You hear of stories
    Of what people say and do
    What I may have thought of you

    I remember the past
    How a love did not last
    The pain and agony
    That once left me blind and I could not see

    I never forget
    As I live my life with regret
    The past is the past
    Yet in my mind it will always last

    When I first talked to you
    Til now every word is true
    I recall the last time I saw your face
    The drama and how I drank myself to outer space

    Then I ran away from the pain
    That caused dark skies and rain
    It was not the rage that caused me to disappear
    As now you suddenly appear

    You have met people you despise
    As I have done the same I realize
    People lie, cheat and hurt the soul
    They destroy because their hearts are black as coal

    I see the future and I see the dead that walk the night
    Tomorrow is good for you it is shinning bright
    A child in your life opened your eyes to this land
    Of reality and a few who are good hearted that walk the sand

    The energy speaks and says you will find the one
    Not just anyone you will see something great in someone
    Can I accept your friendship?, is it your quest to repair what is broken?
    As the heart with in you pumps again and has been awoken

    I truly believe that your actions speak the tale
    That peace is your quest and your personal holy grail
    Maybe everything will be alright for you in the end
    As your heart, mind and spirit are all on the mend

    You see the light that was once grey
    It is your intention not to push anyone away
    The poet observes and senses a change
    With in your mind a life you wish to rearrange

    So this story is for you
    Representing a new chapter that is new
    Of your life and the future that is to come
    With this different mind set and cerebral freedom