Every night

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    As another pathetic day comes to an end
    My heart and soul shall never be on the mend
    I know this well
    Deep down I condemn most to hell

    I have what I want but not what I need
    A flower cannot grow if no one has planted the seed
    It haunts me so every night
    Before I turn out the light

    Sadness comes over me
    As the rest of the world sleeps peacefully
    I rely on things to take it all away
    Sadly in reality I am not allowed to stay

    Nothing ever seems to go my way
    Not for a single day
    I try to keep the evil thoughts at bay
    It is a losing battle what can I say?

    Someone reminded me of the something I have never found
    A person to be there for me and stick around
    I search across the land
    Even on the beach sand

    In my mind they do not exist
    Yet it is not the only thing that tops the list
    The sun will never shine again
    Only the ink that flows from my mighty pen