Eternal Remembrance

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    I posted VHA on here a while back, but haven't had much time to work on it since then between college and work. However, a little thing that I had thought up before then did spring forth as well. Thought I'd put it up here for a fun little read through for people that are bored. :p


    Six years. Six years ago the biggest event of the world happened. We’ve all read the stories, mythology speaks a little here, a little there, of what used to roam this world. Everyone said, they don’t exist now, so they didn’t exist then. Well, six years ago, we all learned, the stories were right. Sure, records weren’t great back then, but I’ll tell you, they were damned close.
    Elves existed. Dwarves, and I mean the real dwarves, existed. Giants, wizards, warlocks, magic, monsters, they ALL existed. They all exist. Six years ago, a flash of magenta marked a new age. A mix of magic and technology. I was just a tech geek back then. Now, I’m a part of an elite task force designed to keep law and order in a newly chaotic world. That’s all thanks to Neelara. She’s a member of the High Council of Elves. Oddly, I saved her. Semi-truck. Don’t think of me as a hero. Far from it. I sit at a desk and monitor what the real team does, I give them information. I guess I’m still just a tech geek, but a more important one.
    Neelara, the head of the task force, a tall and thin elf. She prefers her bow more than guns, but with the power of technology, we’ve improved it far more. The combination of magic and technology has provided infinite possibilities. I saw her take down an army of Techmage Undead and their Necromancer controller single handedly.
    Bargell Stonehelm, he’s your classic dwarf. Short, brawny, angry, and deadly. He’s always ready for a battle, and always honoring his friends. He gladly traded in his war hammer for a Techmage Shotgun. With the latest in armor, he’s still full armor clad. Honoring the Stonehelm clan with the emblem of a mountain on his helmet.
    Pereforus, one of our more interesting companions. He’s a fairy of the sea. His glowing blue form is always wizzing by his fellows. He’s usually too quick to catch, and is attuned to all forms of nature, but strongest to the Goddess Aquanuis and water.
    The final member, Gludgna, a she-troll. She’s actually taken quite the liking to me. They say she’s quite beautiful in the troll community, but let’s face it. We all have different tastes. Her attitude is quite different than what many would assume from a troll. She’s kind, caring, and almost graceful in battle. Her weapon is a club larger than an Olympian Athlete, though, I must admit, those standards changed too. For her, it is an average sized weapon. Troll wood is the hardest solid object that exists. It quite literally grows out of trolls. Though trolls harvest it at puberty to form their hunting club. At that time it is large for them, but they grow into it.
    I don’t know why I’m writing this, maybe, so I have something for if and when I wake from this dream. I think that would be best.

    ---E.Y. E.


    The tank had crushed through most of the city. Blasting magical energies through most of the major buildings. They flew the flag of Grom’nuk, the Goblin King. Goblins, were one of the Ten. Ten major species that didn’t join the United Nations of New and Old. The ten decided they would strike out and destroy the major cities until they controlled the world. The tank itself was marked with a giant yellow four. They were fourth to join the Ten.
    “I’ve got this lad.” Bargell said on his intercom. He leaped off the top of the tower and landed on top of the tank, his magical amplified shock absorbers kicking in to save him.
    ::Don’t wear out your power stones. You may need them if something big shows up::
    “Don’t worry boy, they’re Goblins. Nothing big shows up with Goblins.” He grinned as he kicked off the top of the hatch to the tank. Pointing his shotgun down and letting the enchanted birdshot bounce through and massacre the goblins inside. He pulled out his regular pistol, however, far too large for a human to wield, and hopped down inside. Noting a full death count, he climbed back outside.
    “Didn’t I tell you la--” A tail swept through and knocked him into a building.
    “EYE, give me intel.” Neelara’s voice ran through the intercom.
    ::They’ve got a dragon::
    “How big?”
    “Not big enough,” Gludgna’s voice matched their frequency.
    “Boy, he does hit hard though”
    ::Glad to hear you’re alright::
    “It’s just a whelp, not enough to break a dwarf so easily” He checked his arm. “Blast you were right EYE. Elf, ye got me a few stones?”
    “We all have a set amount for a mission, you hastily used some up for your theatrics.”
    :: P, can you spare a few extra for him? ::
    “On my way now, clearing an escape path in the sewers just in case.”
    “Gludgna retreats from no fight.” She boasted on her intercom.
    Pereforus was the first to arrive to Bargell’s location. Opening up his infinitely empty bag and obtaining the power stones for him. Bargell plugged them into his suit as Gludgna and Neelara arrived together.
    “Where did it go off to?” Neelara more commanded than asked.
    “Follow the melting buildings.” The brawny dwarf retorted.
    They walked amongst molten rubble and shattered glass. Finally, they stopped. Eyeing up their new opponent.
    “I thought you said it was a whelp.” Pereforus stammered.
    “Aye, a bit big for it’s breed though.” The dwarf said stoicly.
    Before anymore was said Gludgna went charging in, followed by Neelara. Bargell wasn’t going to be outdone, so he went chasing as well. Pereforus found a safe spot in Bargell’s armor and went along for the ride.