Enemy's enemy.

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    As usual enjoy. And don't be afraid to drop a comment if ya like.

    Enemy's enemy

    Emil sighed when he looked at the computer image he had just created. It was skilfully done and he had put much care in it, but, to him, it just wasn’t beautiful. The steel face plate of a Black Knight took up much of the picture and the words “COMPLIANCE OR DEATH” were splattered onto it.
    When Emil had been a young boy inside of Lions Gate, he always knew he was going to be an artist, he loved to carve beautiful figures in the mighty trees and paint on the rocks along the Coast of Peace. But to become truly great, he had to go to San Hador, the one place on Curia where the traditions of his people forbade him to go. But even as his father disowned him and denounced his parenthood of the “fallen one”, Emil walked out of the Lion Gate and only looked back when his mother called to him. He managed to catch a glimpse of her, standing on the walls surrounding the paradise where he was born, before his father angrily pulled her away.
    He had trekked for weeks before he encountered the infamous Caravan’s Rest. He had heard the old tales of how it once had been home to the elves, before they had launched their sky-city of Avlion, and how it was now home to thieves and murderers, whores and mercenaries, not to mention the zealots of the Goddess Perfect. He shuddered as the great wooden walls came into view, remembering the horrifying stories about the dark goddess, about how her blood thirst would only be settled by sacrificing 200 children, or how her hunger for battle would be quenched only when brother had killed brother and child had murdered father. But Emil had clenched his teeth shut and loosened the leather strap holding his fathers old gun in place and walked into the second most dangerous city on Curia. He had been attacked before he was able to get two steps out of sight from the watchers of course but that was…
    “Hey, Emil!” Lauri shouted as he slapped him in the back of the head, interrupting his memories. “You’re going to be finished today I hope?”
    Emil rubbed his head and smiled at his friend, Lauri had arrived in San Hador from the eastern parts of Curia, Emil had never been certain from where. It was a long and dangerous journey from there, of that he was sure. Lauri’s right arm had been replaced with a crude, metal replica which had limited motor functions. A souvenir from the journey.
    He bent closer to the table and studied Emil’s work.
    “Forgot the damn pitch-fork” he muttered.
    Emil flinched, he knew it was ridiculous, but he always felt that the Peacekeepers heard everything, and if they didn’t the Black Knight Guard would.
    Lauri saw Emil’s discomfort and chuckled.
    “Come on E,” he smiled, “don’t you think they have better things to do than catch a couple of malcontents like us?”
    Emil didn’t get the chance to answer, cause just then Maria and Kristina, the firms Photographer and PR manager bursted in arguing loudly.
    “That’s bullshit and you know it, Kris!” Maria shouted, “No way that I will ever shoot propaganda! That’s not why I became a photographer!”
    “All I’m saying is that it was stupid to say it to their faces!” Kristina shouted back, “They were this close to call the Peacekeepers on you! If I hadn’t talked our way out of it…”
    “Then I would have dealt with it!” Maria almost shrieked and flung out an arm in outrage, nearly knocking down David who just walked in, holding a tray with coffee.
    “Whoa! Incoming!” he said as he narrowly ducked under the swiping arm, “I should have bought that used helmet from vendor in the street.”
    Maria just stared at him before uttering an “urgh” in reluctant surrender and storming out of the office. David looked at Kristina.
    “That time?” He said and was again forced to duck as Kristina took a swing at him, “sorry, sorry! Here, look at the gifts of peace!”
    He held up the tray of coffee with a boyish smile. Kristina had no choice but to smile back and took a cup. Emil and Lauri each accepted one as well.
    “Well, that’s four, five if you count Ms. Grumpy” David counted, “where is Dan and Nettie?”
    Emil and Lauri looked at each other and then said in unison:
    “The broom closet.”
    David smiled and placed the rest of the cups on the workbench Emil sat at.
    “Oh well, they might be thirsty when they are done…” He said with a grin.
    All four of them laughed at that.

    The day was uneventful from there on. Daniel and Nettan joined the others and, still sighing at the picture, Emil kept working, until Daniel finally stood.
    “Ok people, let’s finish in the morning, and get some sleep guys!” he said with a smile.
    “Yeah, some of us might need it, that broom closet can take the wind from anyone” David joked.
    “At least some of us have a reason to go to the broom closet.” Daniel retorted, sending the others into a giggle.
    David laughed to.
    “Nice one.” He said between the laughs.
    Emil tapped Daniel on the shoulder.
    “Hey, did Maria call? Anyone seen her since she left?” he asked.
    No one had, but David, always the joker, shrugged.
    “Hey come on, Maria is the hottest girl in the Pro-sector, and have the sharpest knee in all of San Hador, there isn’t a guy still alive who would dare to mess with her.”
    Emil laughed at that as he opened the door to the stair, and was met with a rifle butt to the face. Sprawling on the floor with blood gushing out of his broken nose he saw twelve Peacekeepers moving into the office, weapons raised.
    “Everybody on the ground! Do as I say!” One of them shouted, the sergeant by the markings on his shoulder, “just lie still and maybe you will get out of this alive!”
    David, Nettan and Daniel lay face down and were handcuffed within seconds. Kristina, however, stood and stared angrily at the sergeant.
    “This is bullshit! We haven’t done anything! We…”
    He protests were silenced by another rifle butt to the head and one to the back, she was not only handcuffed but gagged.
    Emil, realising as consciousness came back that he too wore handcuffs, watched with rising horror the dark shape emerging from the door.
    “By the Lion,” he breathed, “a Peacemaker…”
    The man walked into the office, his cape flowing behind him as if alive. He looked at the people lying on the ground. His words were like ice.
    “I believe we have something of yours…” he said and pulled out a sack from under his cape. He reached in and tossed something in front of Emil, he didn’t recognise what it was until it stopped rolling. A head. Maria’s head. He wet himself.
    “W-why?” He managed.
    The Peacemaker looked at him and answered in a matter-of-fact voice.
    “She spread lies about the rulers of this great city.”
    “And for that you killed her? You gakking cowards!
    David almost growled out the words.
    “No, we killed her so that others would learn.” The Peacemaker answered calmly as he drew his gun and unceremoniously shot the man in the head, “but before that she found her loyalty and told us that not only she was talking of rebelling, but you as well. That’s why it’s my sad duty to mark you all traitors and execute you.”

    Emil would never forget the scream of Nettan as the sword cut Daniel’s throat or the absolute silence when Kristina’s head was caved in by a Peacekeeper’s boot. He would also bear with him always how he followed the arc of the spiked-tipped baton going for Nettan’s heart.
    He could see it in slow motion. The baton, and the woman staring death in the eyes, he could still hear the crash of glass and actually see the pieces of the window hanging in the air as a dark shadow almost floated from man to man, slashing and tearing with a…knife? Yes, it would have to have been a knife. He saw the shadow clearly when it reached the Peacemaker, it was short and pale, its face hidden in a hood with black hair whipping around it. Its cape mixed with the Peacemaker’s as it stabbed into the mans chest over and over again, showering them with blood. When it was over, everything was still and red. Emil couldn’t move as the shadow walked over to Nettan and examined the woman. Sadly it shook its head and raised its hand. Emil thought he heard words.
    “Luna servo vos.”
    And then it stabbed down, quick and fast. A quick shudder and Nettan was still.
    Now the shadow stood and came for him. It kneeled beside him and reached for him. Closing his eyes, Emil knew he was dead and waited for it all to end. But only a crash of steel being demolished was heard. Emil realised that the shadow must have crushed the handcuffs.
    It stood.
    “I’m sorry, “it said, a feminine voice, “They are running with the moon now, hunting for their enemies.”
    It started to leave but Emil grabbed the cuff of its cape.
    “W-wait…W-who are you?”
    The shadow stopped and turned once more towards him, removing its hood. Emil would only be able to recall the eyes, those icy blue eyes.
    “An enemy’s enemy.” It said and then it was gone.

    Then, for the first time, Emil screamed.

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    the imagry was incredible, i can't wait to read more from you. Professional work, couldnt take my eyes off it.
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    Excellent piece! Very interesting and detailed; I really enjoyed it.